Photo Book Hardcover 20x20

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  • 24 to 200-page photobook (24-800 photos) with plenty of space for your own pics
  • Make a photo book online or download the free software!
  • Printed on 170 gsm high-quality inkjet paper
  • Sturdy hardcover binding

Photo Book Hardcover 20x20

Would you like to keep the milestones and highlights of your life always visible and remember how they have influenced you? Your school graduation, the end of your years at college or the day you achieved your doctorate degree are important days in life and achievements that deserve to be celebrated. For this, we recommend an 8x8" hardcover photobook. This square and sturdy photobook makes a genuine memory book for showing your most important life phases and combining them with original backgrounds and matching cliparts.

Main features of our personalised photo books:

  • Number of pages: 24 to 200 pages to design by yourself
  • Format: A5, 20.5 x 20.5 cm (8 x 8") approx.
  • Cover and inner pages: cover available with high-gloss or matte finish; inner pages matte (glossy finish available for extra fee)
  • Binding: adhesive bookbinding (linen binding); the book spine and both sides of the cover can be personalised
  • Paper: 170 gsm inkjet photo paper
  • Production: high-definition digital printing
  • Ordering: create a photobook online or download the free software!
  • Resolution: 2050 x 2050 pixels (preferred), 807 x 807 pixels (minimum)
  • Print area: 20.5 x 20.5 cm (8.07 x 8.07 ") approx.
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104 Pages £69.99
108 Pages £72.49
112 Pages £74.99
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120 Pages £79.99
124 Pages £82.49
128 Pages £84.99
132 Pages £87.49
136 Pages £89.99
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144 Pages £94.99
148 Pages £97.49
152 Pages £99.99
156 Pages £102.49
176 Pages £114.99
200 Pages £129.99
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24 Pages £24.79
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32 Pages £31.39
36 Pages £34.69
40 Pages £37.99
44 Pages £41.29
48 Pages £44.59
52 Pages £47.89
56 Pages £51.19
60 Pages £54.49
64 Pages £57.79
68 Pages £61.09
72 Pages £64.39
76 Pages £67.69
80 Pages £70.99
84 Pages £74.29
88 Pages £77.59
92 Pages £80.89
96 Pages £84.19
100 Pages £87.49
104 Pages £90.79
108 Pages £94.09
112 Pages £97.39
116 Pages £100.69
120 Pages £103.99
124 Pages £107.29
128 Pages £110.59
132 Pages £113.89
136 Pages £117.19
140 Pages £120.49
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156 Pages £133.69
176 Pages £150.19
200 Pages £169.99
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Square hardcover photo books (8x8")

Hardcover photobooks with a square 8x8" size (20x20cm) allow you to present a maximum of 200 pages in a modern photobook size with a truly attractive shape. One of the most remarkable features of 12x12" photo books is that they work both for square and rectangular-sized photos (either landscape or portrait-oriented). All you need to do is select the most interesting area of the picture, crop it and extend it to fit the 8x8" size box. In this way, you can gain more space to display your best images.

As for the outter surface, the sturdy hardcover provides a solid feeling and protects the photobook pages from getting creased. As the years go by, this hard cover will preserve your memories and avoid external damages caused by normal use or sun exposure.

Appart from hardback covers, myphotobook's selection of 8x8 square photo books includes:

  • soft cover photo books (leight-weight),
  • spiral bound photo books (a more economical version),
  • lay-flat photo books (where the pages don't stick up).

When it comes to finding a place on your shelf, 8x8" square photo books are outstandingly practical: because the book spine is shorter, they fit into smaller spaces than longer photo books. Should the available space be even smaller, consider making a mini square photo book, as for example A5 photo books with a hardcover.

Square photo book printing

Top quality printing in square photo books can only made possible using exclusively the best inkjet paper printing sheets. myphotobook UK uses Hewlett Packard and Kodak Nexpress paper. As a result, standard camera captions are turned into stunning digitally printed images in a square size or even as real photographs, displaying a greater level of colour brilliance.

Regarding the book cover, we also have the possibilty of getting it printed with a high-gloss finish. A glossy hardback cover will attract attention and is very easy to clean. In contrast, a matte case will convey a more neutral and humble look.

Nonetheless, the highest quality in photo books can be found in so-called real-photo albums. In these personalised photo albums, all pictures are produced with the appearance of classical photographs. The images are developed - rather than printed - and subsequently transferred onto Fuji photo paper sheets. Finally, a lay-flat binding makes up for a five-star product.

Square photo books are ideal to design a custom wedding photo album, a refreshing travel photo book, a cute baby photo album or a trendy square album with Instagram captions!

Use your best Instagram captions in photo books

If you have been looking for nice ideas for your Instagram photos, square photo books are simply one of the best ways to get them printed. As a matter of fact, Instagram captions are always square. Show your photograhic skills and artistry when using your smartphone camera. Some funny captions or a selfie accompanied by original quotes are all you need to create a unique personalised photo album.

If inspiration is needed to come up with nice quotes, have a look at these:

Funny selfie quotes for a photobook

  • Confidence level: selfie with no filter.
  • Why so serious?
  • Best. Selfie. Ever.
  • Believe in your selfie.
  • I’m everything you want but can’t have.
  • Last night was a blur.
  • I woke up like this.

Selfie quotes and customised texts raise the value of a square photo album, making it more enjoyable and easier to read. Photo books with text usually offer valuable descriptions and important information for the person who is viewing.

Create an 8x8" photobook online anywhere you like

When creating such a personal and artistic object as an 8x8" photo book, you surely don't want to be subject to time restrictions, but rather let your imagination flow. Since our photobook wizard is available online, you can bring it with you to different places and situations to finish designing it, e.g. to the library, to the doctor or even to the gym!
You just need to open our website on your iPhone or Tablet, connect to Internet and upload your pics online. Remember that an offline version - with a bigger catalog of cliparts and backgrounds is also available. To save a project, create a personal account on the online shop or use the offline software directly on your computer.

Important aspects of an 8x8" photo book

Since an 8x8" photo book isn't actually very big (20x20 cm), practically all types of pictures will turn out well in it- unless they are extremely small. In any event, make sure to check the image resolution for all pictures. If in some cases the provided resolution turns out to be insufficient, an exclamation mark will be displayed over the image in the photobook design program.

Picture order is also a key aspect to creating a succesful square photo book. As soon as the main theme is decided, the structure and position of the visual elements and cliparts will become more obvious. Each photo can be added by simply using the "drag & drop" function.

Square pictures in photo books usually look good when combined with a classy frame. Experiment with different formats and change the background, try a different colour or a new filter.

Order now and benefit from our photo book offers

Once the design phase has come to an end, it is time to place the order online. At certain moments or at the end of each season, we bring out some interesting photo book offers. These special offers are issued in the form of vouchers, price reductions or discounts. To redeem the promotional discount and be able to buy the photobook at a lower price, it is important to place the order before the offer has expired. For this reason, we recommend subscribing to myphotobook's newsletter.

In order to complete your purchase online, you will be requested to fill in your details and select a payment method. Please note that the final price will include an additional delivery fee that varies depending on the size of the photobook. A confirmation message will then be sent to you and a unique & personalised photobook will arrive at your address only a few days later. For questions concerning the order dispatching, the design process or any photo book offers, we will be pleased to help you on our customer hotline.

myphotobook UK is one of the world's leading photobook manufacturers and is present in 12 different countries. From the hands-on production to the software developers, a team of specialists who are passionate about photo books and custom printed articles cooperates to deliver top-notch quality. Each custom printed article is produced with high-end materials, and so does every photobook (square, rectangular, cheaper or premium) undergo a strict quality control. Since we like to take care of our customers in the best way possible, myphotobook UK offers satisfaction guarantee.

Join the international photobook community and discover the genuine artistic potential contained in your own photos and memories. We hope you enjoy using our online shop and talking to our team members.