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Photo books for sharing with your family & friends

Photo books are exciting photo collections printed with your fondest memories on high-quality sheets. Share your photo books with your best friend, mother & father, boyfriend or girlfriend or your kids. Photography is indeed the art of turning memories into stunning pictures and durable photo books. By making your own books of photographs, you will be able to save the highlights of your wedding, a holiday trip to the Bahamas or your baby's photogenic smile . From 12-page to 200-page photo books, everything is possible with myphotobook's design tools. With a personal computer or your own smartphone, you will be able to make unique personalised photo books online!

Personalised photo books are unique & versatile

What should your personalised photo books look like? Should they be cool and funky like a square photo book? Are you more of a nostalgic type? Or would you prefer to stick to the classical A4 size with a hard cover? It's completely up to you.

Personalised photo books let you...

Design your own book cover:

  • From leather photo books, to linen photo books, hard covers & soft covers;
  • Insert a front title or front picture;
  • Order a high-gloss cover;
  • Customise the bookspine with a title and match it with a collection of books.

Try out different book bindings:

  • Spiral bound photo books, perfect bound photo books & saddle-stitch bound photo books;
  • Double the printing page space thanks to a lay-flat binding.

Add your personal images:

  • Make your own wedding photo books, travel & baby photo books;
  • Personalise them with cliparts, frames and backgrounds;
  • Edit the photos with graphic filters;
  • Adjust the contrast, brightness and saturation.

Insert text:

  • Add comments, descriptions and anecdotes;
  • Explain the meaning of a photo in greater detail:
  • Include the lyrics of a song or a poem.

Pick a matte or glossy finish:

  • A glossy finish enhances the colours and provides a uniform look;
  • A glossy coating makes the sheet thicker and more resistant;
  • available for a small extra fee.

Choose the type of paper sheets:

  • Inkjet printing paper (standard personalised photo books);
  • Top-quality Fuji photographic sheets (photo albums).

Basic sizes in personalised photo books

Select your size from a wide range of photo book formats, including:

A3 photo books (11.7 x 16.5"):

  • Only available as landscape photo books;
  • A3 landscape hardcover, A3 landscape photo album, A3 landscape leather.

A4 photo books (8.2 × 11.7"):

  • Standard size photo books;
  • A4 hardcover landscape & portrait, A4 softcover landscape & portrait;
  • A4 leather landscape & portrait, A4 photo album landscape & portrait;
  • A4 portrait spiral bound, A4 portrait saddle-stitch bound.

A5 photo books (5.8 x 8.2"):

  • Personalised photo books at a highly affordable price;
  • Available with photographic sheets, soft cover and fast delivery;
  • A5 hardcover landscape & portrait, A5 softcover landscape & portrait;
  • A5 spiral bound portrait & landscape, saddle-stitch bound landscape;
  • A5 photo album landscape.

A6 photo books (4.1 x 5.8"):

  • Small, portable & cheap photo books;
  • A6 spiral bound & saddle stitch-bound landscape;
  • A6 photo album landscape.

12x12" photo books:

  • Square & trendy personalised photo books;
  • Hardcover, leather, linen & photo album.

8x8" photo books:

  • Square & compact;
  • Hardcover, softcover, spiral binding, lay-flat, photo album.

Make your own photo books online

Ready, steady, go! It takes little more than a few clicks and some imagination to make your own photo book online. The secret of designing stunning personalised photo books is the picture resolution. Luckily, myphotobook's software will warn you if any of the photos needs to be changed. Remember to review all changes in preview mode before you send in your order of a personalised photo book. This will save you any unpleasant surprises. If you have questions, please contact us!

Here is a summary of the basic steps for making your own photo book:

  1. Create a folder to keep your photos in,
  2. Upload the pics and check image resolution,
  3. Exclude the ones that don't work or resize them,
  4. Build a structure for your photo book,
  5. Insert cliparts, frames & backgrounds,
  6. Add text to make the photobook more expressive,
  7. Send off your photo book for printing.

After a few days, your photo book will be delivered right at your doorstep! The expected delivery dates are marked on our website, right below the name of the article.

Professional & premium photo books

High-quality photo books are usually associated with a premium-quality cover and top picture reproduction. If you are looking for an elegant cover with a majestic presence, create linen or leather photo books.

The maximum quality printing in personalised photo books can be obtained with real-photo books - the modern version of the traditional family photo album. In modern photo albums, the pictures continue to be developed (rather tan printed), but are already integrated in the album sheets. Photographic sheets and photo processing provide a higher level of contrast, vivid colours and increase the resolution. Moreover, photo developing delivers pictures with a nostalgic look and a realistic appearance: a perfect fit for displaying your fondest memories and happiest moments with your loved ones.