Photo apron

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  • Size: 60 x 70 cm (23.6 x 27.5")
  • Material: white polyester
  • Washable
  • Collage design possible

Photo apron

A photo apron is ideal for surprising your hobby cook or baker. And don't forget: Summertime is barbeque time. If you want to tempt your husband into standing behind the grill, then why not gift him a barbeque apron with your photo on it? This way, he'll be guaranteed to cut a fine figure.

Main features of our personalised photo aprons:

  • Size: 60 x 70 cm (23.6 x 27.5")
  • Max. picture size: 28 x 36 cm (11 x 14.1")
  • Material: polyester, white
  • Production technique: sublimation printing
  • Hint: washable at 30°C
  • Specifications: Create a terrific photo collage out of various photos and a personal message

Printing data for your apron:

Vertical picture

  • Printed area: 23.0 x 30.0 cm (9 x 11.8")
  • Resolution: 1811 x 2362 pixels (preferred), 906 x 1181 pixels (minimum)

Photo in landscape format:

  • Printed area: 21.0 x 16.1 cm (8.2 x 6.3")
  • Resolution: 1654 x 1268 pixels (preferred), 827 x 634 pixels (minimum)
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Photo apron
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A photo apron for the kitchen chef

A photo apron is a custom-printed apron used to complete a cook's outfit with grace and style. After all, whoever does the cooking at home needs to put on an apron for protecting his clothes from stains. Covering up the front of the body with an apron is indeed an important action before starting to bake, fry, chop up the vegetables or wash the dishes. However, wearing a an apron doesn't mean one needs to loose the style to do the housework.

A funky photo apron allows both hobby cooks and five-star chefs spruce up their image with funny texts and pictures. Humour is therefore the secret ingredient of any personalised photo apron. Whether the apron is used to impress the guests during a home lunch or as a trendy restaurant uniform, adding a customised message or an unusual photo to this essential kitchen accessory is he sign of a fine gourmet and a unique personality.

Since all photos and phrases are printed onto the photo apron using dye-sublimation printing technique, the images are displayed with vivid colours on the white polyester surface of the photo apron. Whenever the apron gets dirty, you will be able to clean it in the washing-machine at a maximum temperature of 30ºC.

Design your own kitchen apron

Depending on the picture you choose to design your own kitchen apron, it will be necessary to select a portrait or landscape-oriented printing area. Most images contained in smartphones are suitable for printing onto a photo apron. Nevertheless, make sure to check their resolution inside the editing tool. If some of the photos you upload have a low resolution, the software will automatically warn you.
The design of the photo apron can be culminated by adding other design elements, such as frames, backgrounds, filters and cliparts. Personalised aprons can be decorated with a great variety of themes from pictures of your star dish, to impressive holiday landscapes, your favourite movie characters or a stunning selfie with of your family.

Personalised aprons for men & women

As the the design of these personalised aprons is freely customisable, they are actually suitable both for men and women. If you create two personalised aprons and decorate them with a playful style, they can be turned into a romantic apron for her and him. With your two personalised aprons, you are sure to have enjoyable meals. A couple where both are able to cook is a lucky one. And sharing the experience of cooking and eating can be also great fun.

Novelty aprons with text

Inserting text is in fact an easier way to design personalised aprons. Apart from allowing you to experiment with a variety of fonts, novelty aprons with text take just a few seconds to make. The funniest jokes and quirky phrases turn your DIY apron into your favourite kitchen garment. Use your own imagination and insert phrases such as:

  • Kiss the cook
  • In the time it took you to read this you could have got me a beer
  • May the forks be with you
  • Im not old, I'm well seasoned
  • Your opinion wasn't in the recipe
  • Gym and tonic
  • Queen of hearts

Christmas aprons

If it's coming up to Christmas and your kitchen apron is old and faded, design a new one by yourself. This will make the house cook feel proud of cooking for the whole family. Dedicate it to someone by adding a personal reference or simply the name on your personalised Christmas apron.

Personalised childrens aprons

Most children enjoy cooking with their parents. It's a great opportunity for them to learn how to deal with food, try new flavours and learn how to use the kitchen equipment. Designing personalised children's aprons for each of your kids will make it an entertaining experience for them and motivate them to complete the tasks you have given them.

BBQ aprons & personalised kitchen gifts

And during the summer season, whoever takes charge of the BBQ grill also deserves to have its own personalised apron. Design funky BBQ aprons and many more personalised kitchen gifts with your own images. In case you need more accessories for your kitchen, we suggest you also have a look at these:

  • personalised chopping board
  • photo mugs
  • photo clock square
  • personalised place mats
  • personalised plates
  • personalised glasses
  • personalised biscuit tins
  • personalised cereal bowl