Panorama Mug

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  • Dishwasher-suitable, but for extended image retention we recommend hand washing
  • Maximum capacity: 300 ml, 500 ml
  • 5 year cup guarantee
  • Assortment: Left/ right handed

Panorama Mug

Not only for lateral thinkers: A tremendous start to the day is guaranteed with this panorama mug. Create an irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind gift for your loved ones with unique snapshots or even simply your own text - with only a few clicks. Your photos always stand in centre spotlight. And to ensure that you can enjoy your photo mug for a long time to come, we recommend washing it by hand.

You've mulled the idea over while drinking tea in your boring, old mug? Then go for it: Find a picture, upload it, design the mug and order. After one or two days' production time, your mug is already on its way to you.

Main features of our panoramic photo mugs:

  • Material: high-quality ceramic, Orca coating for the purest white and highest colour brilliance
  • Production technique: premium sublimation printing
  • Printed area: 19 x 9.5 cm (3.5 x 3.7")
  • Resolution requirements: 2244 x 1122 pixels (preferred), 748 x 374 pixels (minimum)
  • Hint: 5 year guarantee!
  • Specifications: dishwasher-suitable, handwash recommended for longer picture durability

Printing data for your panorama mug:

Panorama Mug 0.3 l:

  • Maximum capacity: 200 ml
  • Print area: 19 x 9.7 cm (7.4 x 3.8")
  • Resolution: 2244 x 1122 pixels (preferred), 748 x 374 pixels (minimum)

Panorama Mug 0.5 l:

  • Maximum capacity: 500 ml
  • Print area: 20.0 x 8.4 cm (8 x 3.3")
  • Resolution: 2362 x 992 pixels (preferred), 787 x 331 pixels (minimum)
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Panorama Mug
Panorama Mug XL
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Panoramic photo mugs with a long printing surface

Among all existing kinds of photo mugs, the panoramic photo mug is the one offering the biggest area to print pictures. For this reason, panoramic mugs are ideally suited for artistic projects and to experiment with ambitious combinations, as for example a photo collage. The word "panoramic" is in fact an originary photographic term, which refers to a horizontal camera mode. Generally speaking, a panoramic photo would be one in which the field of view exceeds the human vision. In contrast, when one refers to panoramic photo mugs, it means that the printing space is wide and long and takes up most part of the mug surface. As a result, long landscape-oriented images also get a chance to be displayed. The mug surface turns into a wide screen to showcase impressive images of group scenes, natural scenery and actions.

Panoramic photo mugs are made of high-quality ceramic which can be cleaned in the dish-washer for a maximum of 2000 times. For this reason, we recommend hand washing. A special Orca® coating intensifies the white colour of the ceramic. All these features build a perfect setting to exhibit your fondest memories with a stylished design mug.

Large photo mugs with a panoramic layout

Large photo mugs automatically attract attention for their long panoramic images, which makes them easily recognisable if kept in a cupboard. The big printing surface can be divided into several different parts so as to add a greater variety of photos. A group of pictures can also be organised to build a certain shape in a so-called photo collage mug.

Panoramic mugs can be ordered in two different sizes: medium (200 ml) and extra-large (500 ml). Especially with the XXL photo mug, paying attention to the provided image resolution will be a key-point. A minimum of 787 x 331 pixels will be necessary to ensure proper printing. Obviously, the higher the resolution, the better it will turn out. High-resolution images of your last holidays, Christmas celebrations, fun parties, weddings and outdoor activities are ideal to print over the large surface of a panoramic mug.

To transfer the photo onto the mug, dye-sublimation printing is used. This ensures the maximum colour brilliance and the most natural look possible when reproducing the original pictures.

Ideas for a panoramic photo mug

If your best friend is a fan of photography, a present of a panoramic photo mug is a great one to make. Pictures of mountains, cliffs, coastlines or forests turn out impressively well. Even if you've managed to take a good snapshot with your own smartphone camera, you can quickly upload it to the online mug maker and check if it has enough quality to be printed. You can use as many media sources as you like: from professional cameras, to tablets, iPhones, images from social networks and scanned images.

Design your own mug

With a big printing surface, the creative possibilities to design your own mug are unlimited. If you already have an idea, it will take you a few clicks to put it into practice. The pictures can be edited, cropped, resized and enhanced with graphic filters. Inside the mug maker software, a variety of frames, backgrounds and cliparts help you rearrange them and  perfection the design. With the text function, you can include wise sayings, inspirational quotes and quirky phrases. Combining beautiful images and text, you will be able to create a mug to enjoy as many cups of coffee as you need to survive your week. Besides, all mugs have a 5-year guarantee.

If you've just moved into a new appartment, design a group of personalised mugs: one for yourself and some more the other family members or flatmates. As they are customisable, each mug can have someone's name printed.

When you decide to make your own mug, you benefit from a great choice of mug formats, each of which have a special and characteristic feature. Appart from the panoramic photo mug, you can design:

  • photo mugs (standard model),
  • heat changing magic mugs,
  • silver metallic photo mugs,
  • personalised travel mugs,
  • personalised coloured mugs (two-colour photo mugs).

Design your own mug with myphotobook's online editor. As an alternative, you can download the free software to your Internet device and save the projects locally.

Your favourite drink in a panoramic photo mug

The first sip of the day is always the tastiest one. Whether you drink tea, coffee or hot chocolate, colourful images and funny phrases make your breakfast and coffee breaks at work more cheerful. Admiring your favourite picture on a panoramic photo mug is indeed a great way of getting inspired for the rest of the day. At night, you can enjoy a hot soup in your DIY mug before you go to bed.

Buy your personalised photo gifts on myphotobook

A cup of tea is the perfect excuse to chat with your best friend or to get off from work for a few minutes. This has made photo mugs the most popular article within the category of personalised photo gifts. Moreover, they make original present ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, Father's Day or Valentine's Day. Especially with big celebrations, ordering more copies of the same gift can be a useful solution. Besides, the delivery fee is charged only for one article and saves you money.

At Christmas, buying your personalised gifts online will save you from queuing up to get the last units of an article. Instead, your gift will be a truly limited edition, actually a unique edition! It won't be necessary to go looking for the exact thing, since most features can be adapted to suit the taste and needs of the person who receives the photo gift. Last but not least, the ultimate message will be completely personal: you can refer to situations shared with the other person, use humour, develop a sense of complicity and a show real interest in having a good relationship.