My memory®

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  • Card format: 6.0 x 6.0 cm (2.3 x 2.3")
  • Choice of 24 or 36 pairs
  • The photo from the first memory card will also be printed on the box.
  • White border (3 mm wide around the edges)

My memory®

Fun guaranteed - for the entire family! Design this classic game yourself with your most beautiful photos. Two cards will always be printed for each design in your completely-personalised memory game. The aim of the game is to recall the pictures and find the picture pairs. This individualised memory game for young and old can be ordered with 24, or 36 designs. For children both large and small!

Main features of our personalised memory cards:

  • 6.0 x 6.0 cm sized cards (2.3 x 2.3")
  • Material: printed on cardboard
  • Production technique: digital printing
  • Printed area: 5.4 x 5.4 cm (2.1 x 2.1")
  • Resolution requirements: 638 x 638 pixels (preferred) 160 x 160 pixels (minimum)
  • Hint: available as a set of 24 or 36 pairs
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Personalised playing cards from MyMemory

MyMemory® personalised playing cards let you print personal pictures onto the playing cards of a matching memory game. Up to 36 pairs of playing cards made of coated carboard preserve the square shape of Ravensburger's card memory game. As a result, the complete deck of personalised playing cards will be printed with your own designs, photos and texts, whereas the format will be the original one from MyMemory. Indeed, customisation has already reached the classical games of luck, table board games, trading cards and personalised playing cards.

Regardless of winning or losing, playing MyMemory with unique cards and real images creates a truly fun game experience with a high educational value.

My Memory personalised playing cards from Ravensburger

Yet, what is it that makes MyMemory playing cards a worldwide game phenomenon? Probably the simple game structure, in which the personalised playing cards are laid face down and every player turns over a pair in each turn, until all matching pairs are found. The player who ends up with most cards becomes the winner. Moreover, card matching memory games are said to improve concentration. MyMemory is in fact a game that exists since the 1950's, but remains as popular as ever and the rules have also been kept the same.

Printable memory games

The advantage of creating printable memory games and personalised playing cards is that the level of difficulty can be adapted to the players' age. It is all about being creative. There are two possible options for designing printable memory games with MyMemory's traditional format: a small deck of 24 pairs or a bigger one of 36. If you want to make the memory game a bit more interesting and complicated, print a deck of 36 personalised playing cards and make the pairs only slightly different. For a simpler version of these printable memory games you can get a deck of 24 printed and make them completely alike. The resembling elements can be colours, shapes, names, the position of an object and many more. Printing a pair of jokers can also make the game funnier.

Every picture or motif will be reproduced on a pair of matching cards using high-quality inkjet printing. As a result, you will receive a unique and custom printed memory game!

Memory games for kids & personalised playing cards

Memory games are a great form of brain training for kids. Personalised playing cards challenge children's memory skills and help them learn a new language or improve their level of maths. Most importantly, memory games for kids are a fun way of learning and spending an enjoyable time with them.

If you create a printable memory game for your kids with Ravensburger's design, you can build matching pairs of:

  • food (fruit, vegetables, kitchen accessories)
  • colours & shapes
  • animals & pets
  • objects
  • landscapes
  • professions
  • comic & cartoon characters
  • words & vocabulary

An interesting option to make memory games for kids - which is a part of police training - is the face memory game. Face recognition is a valuable capacity that actually few people have, but can be also trained. Besides, it is often the case that children's memory is better than that of the adults. Which of course, will make your kids feel happy and want to play MyMemory again with your fancy personalised cards.

It is such an easy card matching memory game, that children of all ages can play it and the rules are adaptable. Besides, memory card games help you keep your kids away from the TV, computer or smartphoneMake your own card game or offer it as a funky gift for Christmas or Halloween.

Printable memory games for adults from MyMemory

MyMemory from Ravensburg is a highly popular table game to play amoung adults, including friends, work colleagues or relatives. As a "find the pairs" memory game for adults, it is often played in birthday parties, hen parties and weddings. Printable memory games can be used to illustrate your personal interests, hobbies and fondest memories. For example, you can create a deck of personalised playing cards with older pictures of your group of friends to test their memory.  You'll be surprised to see have many things you can come up with.

Memory games for seniors

Memory cards and concentration games have been proven to influence Alzheimer and dementia patients' memory in a positive way. For these reason, they are often used in senior homes.

Make your own card game

If you've decided to make your own card game, remember that you will need at least 24 pictures or motifs. Since the cards are a medium size, resolution issues will be rare, which means you can also use images from your smartphone and social profiles. The most important aspect is finding a common theme to all the pictures that build the card game. Custom texts or your own scanned drawings can be used to design the personalised playing cards.

Card game maker

Inside the card game maker, a variety of cliparts, frames, backgrounds and visual filters help you perfection the design. Probably the first step is to set the colour and style of the background and then add on the additional design elements.

Picture games & personalised childrens gifts

Picture games are ideal personalised gifts for children and the entire family. In 36 personalised playing cards, there is more than enough space to dedicate 2 or 3 pictures to each family member, including your pet.

When made for an old group of friends, the greatest captures from summer picknicks, weekend trips or birthday parties will be displayed over a whole deck of thrilling memories.
Personalised childrens gifts
 and games are a lot more special than any generic gift that you can buy in a shop. Each card is an opportunity to educate your kids and teach them something new. If you are interested in more ideas for personalised childrens gifts, we recommend having a look at:
  • photo puzzles
  • personalised snow globe
  • personalised keyrings
  • personalised bookmarks
  • personalised childrens plates
  • personalised lunch box