Money-back guarantee

100% satisfaction - or your money back!

With myphotobook you can play it safe - because we stand for quality and 100% satisfaction. However, if you are not satisfied with your order, you will get your money back straight away. In this case, please send back the ordered goods within 14 days of notifying us, prepaid to the following address:

myphotobook GmbH
Logistics Centre
Money-Back Guarantee
Oranienstr. 183
10999 Berlin

We take your feedback and comments very seriously – we want you to be completely satisfied. Please let us know briefly in writing the reason for your complaint, your order number and customer number. Further details about our money-back guarantee can be found in §7 of our Terms & Conditions.

Please note that we cannot accept goods which are not sent prepaid.

This is what our customers are saying:

“Unfortunately I realised that I made a mistake in my photo book after it was finished even though I should have easily seen it in the online preview. Luckily myphotobook gave me the opportunity to correct the mistake and then reprinted it for me. Thank you very much for your friendly service and for the free reprint.”

“A while back an error popped up in one of my orders, I ordered two books as a gift and there was a small fleck or spot on a page. The person I gave the books to as a gift did not care about the small spot and myphotobook gave me a generous refund for the order. Thanks for that!”

“I’ve always been very happy with my orders from myphotobook, however with my last order the photo book got wet somehow. There were water spots on the book and a few corners were dented in. myphotobook quickly produced the book for me again. Thanks so much for your fast action - I will definitely use myphotobook in the future, you’ve made a loyal customer.”