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  • Dimensions of the box: 18.5 x 13 x 4.4 cm
  • Material: food-safe synthetic material
  • Hint: not dishwasher suitable, handwash recommended


A snack break for the connoisseur. No matter if it's for the little ones in kindergarten, the kids in school or for dad in the office - morning in the kitchen is sandwich-making and apple-cutting time. Your packed lunch or snack tastes so much better out of a lunchbox featuring your favourite photos. Our tip: The lunchboxes are ideally suited as little give-aways for children's birthday parties.

Main features of our personalised lunchboxes:

  • Size: 18.5 x 13 x 4.4 cm (7.2 x 5.1 x 1.7") box
  • Material: food-safe synthetic compound according to 2008/39/EG guideline from March 2008, incl. tight double seal
  • Production technique: direct printing
  • Hint: not dishwasher suitable, handwash recommended
  • Specifications: Available in the colours Blue, Red and Yellow

Printing data for your lunchbox:

  • Printed area with horizontal picture: 14.5 x 9.2 cm
  • Resolution for horizontal picture: 1713 x 1087 pixels (preferred) 428 x 272 pixels (minimum)
  • Printed area with vertical picture: 9.2 x 14.5 cm
  • Resolution for vertical picture: 1087 x 1713 pixels (preferred) 272 x 428 pixels (minimum
Lunchbox blue
Lunchbox red
Lunchbox yellow
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A personalised lunch box to save lunchtime

A personalised lunch box is a small container to store food with a printable lid for adding text and pictures. The practical size of the box makes it easy to carry, while the lunch ingredients are kept in the best possible conditionsLunch boxes are a useful item to have during busy periods at work. They avoid missing out on basic meals and make healthy snacks like raw vegetables accessible at any time.

Furthermore, a personalised lunch box adds a unique and personal touch that can only be obtained with real and genuine images. In a short break from your training routine in the gym, a powerful picture of last holidays or of your own family will give you energy and support you need for a long day.

How to use a personalised lunch box

Since the pictures of these personalised lunch boxes are reproduced with direct print, it is recommended to wash them manually, rather than in the dishwasher. This will stop the images from getting faded. As for the colour of the box, there is a choice of blue, red and yellow. To organise your own lunch kit, you can distribute the space in a variety of compartments, to avoid mixing different types of food. If necessary, include cuttlery. Finally, the personalised lunchbox can then be closed with the provided tight seal.

Kids lunch boxes

A lunchbox is an essential part of kids school equipment and it supports a healthy diet. A healthy snack or a delicious sandwich are important things to be carrying on school excursions or on any day full of physical activity. By customising your kids lunch boxes with pictures of their favourite cartoon characters, superheroes and animals, you make sure they don't forget to eat their meal. What's best: they will be proud to show their personalised lunch box to their friends and schoolmates.

Personalised kids lunch boxes with photos are also easier to identify, which means you won't have go looking for them when the school day is finished.

Girls & boys lunch boxes as personalised photo gifts

Each child is unique and likes something different printed on a lunch box. From film characters, to princesses, football stars, singers or a simple family picture, no one can know the preferences of your boy or girl likes better than you. With smaller kids, a picture of their own drawings printed on a personalised lunch box can be a thrilling idea. As a birthday present, girl's and boy's lunchboxes can be filled with  small gifts and candy.

In case you would like some more ideas to create your own personalised childrens gifts and original photo gifts, consider the following options:

  • personalised snow globe,
  • personalised chocolate bars from Lindt,
  • personalised childrens plates,
  • personalised cereal bowl,
  • personalised keyrings,
  • personalised bookmarks,
  • photo mugs.

All these custom printed articles make unusual back-to-school gifts, Christmas gifts or travel gifts for your next family trip.

Cool lunch box ideas with myphotobook

There are no limits to the number of combinations of text and images to design your own lunchbox. One of the coolest ideas is to add a quirky phrase or some expression that you or your child enjoy saying. To do this, you just need to open the editor, add a text field and give in the phrase. If it's a gift for your kid, you can add some lines on the lunch box to send your best energies for the long day at school.
In contrast, if you upload an image, you can combine it with various cliparts, change the background or add a frame.

The adult lunch box

Eating out every day or ordering food from a delivery service isn't always the healthiest solution. Indeed, lunch boxes aren't only useful for children, but also for adults. Having a personalised lunchbox in the office helps you keep a good figure and have your fondest memories in a visible place. The perfect accessory to complete a personalised lunch box is the travel mug.