Lindt Photo Truffles

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  • Colour selection of the chocolate box is made at random
  • Contents: 100 g extra-soft melting Lindt pralines
  • Printed area: 36.0 or 7.5 cm (14.2 x 2.9")

Lindt Photo Truffles

Whether it's birthday or Christmas greetings, get-well-soon wishes or a sweet declaration of love, the melt-in-your-mouth Lindt Mini Pralinés and your completely personalised photo on the package sleeve are worth more than a thousand words.

Main features of our Lindt photo truffles:

  • Contents: 100 g extra-soft melting Lindt pralinés, praliné selection: Alpine Milk Chocolate, Bittersweet Chocolate and White Chocolate
  • Production technique: digital printing
  • Printed area: 36.0 x 7.5 cm (14.2 x 2.9")
  • Resolution requirements: 3600 x 750 pixels (preferred) 1063 x 221 pixels (minimum)
  • Please note: Colour selection of the chocolate box is made at random
  • A detailed list of ingredients and information on nutritional values can be found here.
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Lindt Photo Truffles
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Delicious Lindt chocolate mini pralines with photos

The Lindt mini pralines are a varied selection of Lindt's best confectionery, genuinely prepared with a base of almonds, nuts or fruit, combined with milk sugar and finished off a coating of alpine milk chocolate, bittersweet chocolate or white chocolate. In a 100g praline box, you can find the following chocolate sorts:

  • Marc de Champagne Truffle,
  • Orange Marzipan,
  • Alpine Milk with Brittle,
  • White Almond Nougat,
  • Pistachio Marzipan,
  • Macchiato Star,
  • Caramel Amande,
  • Coeur al'Orange,
  • Hazelnut Nougat.

What makes these mini praline chocolate boxes so special is the possibility to customise the packet with your own designs. Your own photos and phrases will be printed as a part of the box carton as if the Lindt chocolate box had been originally designed with them.

Personalised chocolate boxes from Lindt

Lindt personalised chocolate boxes are available in three different colours: pink, blue and orange. Offered as original chocolate gift boxes, they make a thoughtful present for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, birthdays, weddings and Christmas. Since the front of the box can be freely designed with pictures and text, these personalised chocolate boxes carry a unique and personal message.
For example, a chocolate box of pralines decorated with love and some lines wishing a fast recovery is a nice idea for someone who is staying in hospital. Adding a picture of both is a way of showing your support.

Personalised chocolate gifts & favours

Since chocolate is so popular, you always play safe when making personalised chocolate gifts. If you've been invited to a wedding or birthday party and don't know what to offer as a present, the simple fact of adding a true picture or self-written message turns the gift box unique and magic.

With kids, the artistic possibilities for making personalised gift boxes are even greater. Photos of their favourite animals, cartoons, sport idols or singers printed on a chocolate box build the perfect combination for children. Moreover, myphotobook's editor offers a variety of cliparts, graphic filters, backgrounds, fonts and frames to perfection the design and turn the gift box even more appealing. Any changes in the design can be reviewed using the preview function.

Christmas chocolate gifts & thank you chocolates

Personalised chocolate gifts are often designed by companies and hotels to thank their staff for their good work or wish them a happy Christmas. A nice photo of the whole team with the logo of the company can make an unusual and thrilling corporate gift.

Send chocolates and chocolate gift boxes

If you haven't seen your best friend for some time, Christmas is an ideal time of the year for re-establishing contact. And if your friend happens to be a real chocoholic, what better way to send your Christmas greetings than with personalised chocolate boxes? Besides, people who love chocolate appreciate the Lindt brand. Even if modern technologies have made communication easier, it also makes us forget about small details and gestures that make a difference.

Apart from the Lindt mini pralines gift box, myphotobook UK allows you to design and ship personalised chocolate bars and chocolate cards to any address within the UK. When sending your chocolate gifts, remember that it's better to order them during the colder season, to avoid them being melted on arrival.

Before next Valentine's Day, check your smartphone pics or computer folders and find your best captures with your boyfriend or girlfiend. Upload the picture, insert the lyrics of your favourite couple song and send a Lindt personalised chocolate box to your partner. Sending a sweet and personal gift is a way of telling other people that they are precious and special. Besides, chocolate is said to be an aphrodisiac.