Lindt Chocolate Card

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  • Format: 8 x 16 cm
  • Contents: 100 g extra-soft melting Lindt chocolate
  • Alpine Milk or Bittersweet
  • Customisable on the inside and outside

Lindt Chocolate Card

New and only for a short time: the greeting card with that special something! Gift sweet greetings and soft-melting Lindt chocolate for Christmas, Easter, for Mother's Day, as a declaration of love or to simply say, "Thanks" - all of this designed by you with lovely design templates and your photo!

Main features of our personalised chocolate cards:

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Design a personalised chocolate card from Lindt

A personalised chocolate card is an original greeting card that contains a chocolate bar in the inside and is customisable on the outside. As a result, the cover of the the chocolate card will be personalised with a DIY design, including photos, texts and graphic elements. At first, it is the personal design of the card that attracts the attention. However, once the personalised chocolate card is opened, a a genuine Lindt chocolate bar appears, offering a sweet surprise.

Lindt chocolate is one of the world's most appreciated confectionery brands. Indeed, two different Lindt chocolate flavours are offered for a personalised chocolate card: Alpine Milk and Bittersweet. Apart from chocolate cards, on this online shop you will be able to design praliné photo truffles and personalised chocolate bars.

Send greetings with a personalised chocolate bar card

Finding a truly original greeting card isn't always easy. For this reason, online generated personalised greetings cards have become the fashion. Not only are they unique, but it is possible to add a personal message or funny quote, as well as your favourite photos in top quality.

Thus, a chocolate card combines the powerful message of a personalised card with the taste of traditional Swiss chocolate from Lindt. It makes as unique gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, anniversaries, christenings and Christmas. Besides, personalised chocolate cards make perfect wedding chocolate favours.

Make your own chocolate bar card

To make your own chocolate card, you will need to find an image that fits the long rectangular shape of a chocolate bar. Otherwise, you can simply add a meaningful phrase or a witty quote that shows your complicity with the person who receives the gift. With myphotobook's design tool, it is possible to make your chocolate bar card on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Chocolate bar card ideas

A chocolate bar is something few people can resist. As soon as you start to open the packet, it takes little time for someone to ask you if they can also have a piece. What can be learnt from this is that a chocolate bar card is a safe bet for making a present. In the following section we offer some ideas for turning a chocolate bar card into an unusual and thoughtful gift.

Chocolate birthday card

Your child's birthday is just around the corner. Coming back from a sunny day out on the countryside, you realise what beautiful pictures you have captured with your smartphone. Once you arrive home, you can upload them to myphotobook's editor, pick the nicest one and insert a line saying "Happy birthday". You just need to order online and you will receive a unique chocolate birthday card at home. Imagine the face of your child when he gets to open it!

Father's Day chocolate card

Scan one of your nicest pics with your dad and add a text like "Dad, you're someone to look up to, no matter how tall I grow". Inside a chocolate card, it will be the nicest Father's Day gift he will have ever received.

Lindt chocolate cards for your girlfriend or boyfriend

It doesn't need to be Valentine's Day. Make up and excuse to say "I love you" with a chocolate gift card.

Chocolate Christmas cards

Christmas presents are traditionally accompanied by some chocolate gifts. Instead of buying the same chocolate figure every year, like Santa or the reindeers, select your own motif and get it printed on the cover your chocolate Christmas card.

Send Lindt chocolates & personalised gifts

The most practical aspect of designing chocolate cards online is that the cards can be comfortably delivered at your address or any other address within the UK. Send your chocolate personalised gifts to a special person without letting them know and prepare a huge surprise.