Real-photo book softcover A5 landscape

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  • Design individually customisable from 18-98 pages (12-200 photos)
  • Can be simply and quickly designed online or with our software
  • Trademark photographic paper 380 gsm 
  • Premium lay-flat binding

Real-photo book softcover A5 landscape

The bigger version of our real-photo book softcover A6 landscape measures 7.4 x 5.1" and it offers many interesting advantages, including a faster production process, maximum visual quality and a highly affordable price. As a result, this photobook has become a top deal and our favourite photobook format. Whether you want to show your sister's enchanting wedding or your visit to the Louvre in Paris, with an Real-photo book softcover A5 landscape you always play safe. Your pictures will be developed onto photographic paper and display extraordinary depth. Our suggestion: if painting or drawing is your hobby, take pictures of your own works and save them for posterity in this classy photobook!

Main features of our personalised photo albums:

  • Number of pages: 18 to 98 pages to design by yourself
  • Format: A5 landscape, 19 x 13 cm (7.4 x 5.1") approx.
  • Cover and inner pages: "paperback-like softcover (customisable on both sides), inner pages and cover made from durable, matte photo paper
  • Binding: premium lay-flat binding allowing panoramic display
  • Paper: 380 gsm real, premium photographic paper
  • Production: photo developing on silver halide photographic sheets
  • Ordering: create a photobook online or download the free software!
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Real-photo book, softcover A5 landscape: small but mighty!

A landscape-oriented real-photo book, softcover A5 is a practical album solution for small photographic projects in which a fast and simple production phase is required. If an A5 album size (8x6 inches) already takes up little space, the fact that the pictures are kept inside a softcover makes this personalised photo album lighter and easier to carry than other album types.

As it can hold a maximum of 98 pages, this photo album is manufactured in a shorter time and at a lower cost, which is why it can be offered at a cheaper price compared to other album formats on myphotobook UK's online shop. Despite the reduced price, the album sheets are made of photo paper. Thus, each picture will be developed as a real photograph, enhacing both the colour nuances and image contrast.

Futhermore, it is an A5 lay-flat photo album, so there is no cut between the pages of a same spread, but a continuous sheet with plenty of space to show panoramic captions. And as it would be expected for this album, the pages are landscape-oriented, making it suitable for horizontal images.

Examples of how Real-photo book, softcover A5 landscapes can be seen in a variety of occasions, such as:

  • baby photo albums (for baby boy or baby girl),
  • best friend & birthday photo albums,
  • wedding photo albums,
  • holiday & travel photo albums,
  • christening photo albums,
  • engagement photo albums,
  • honeymoon photo albums.

In this versatile booklet size, you can design a personalised photo album for bringing with you on your next trip or to a family reunion. For smaller albums, take a look at A6 mini photo album.

An 8x6 photo album with Fuji photo paper sheets

Creating an 8x6 photo album (18.8 x 12.7 cm) to put together a set of photographs can lead to highly impressive results, even with lower resolution pictures. The use of Fuji photo paper and photo processing to produce the images has a positive influence on the resolution and boosts the colour brilliance. Besides, photographic paper adds a classical look, suitable for a vintage photo album. The lights and shades of a city skyline or a stunning view from the sea with an album will be immortalised as real photographs. For a slightly bigger format, check A4 photo albums (landscape or portrait-oriented)

Buy cheap photo albums online

The truth is, cheap photo albums can be found in many shops, but cheap AND good-quality albums are easier to buy online, an even more so on myphotobook's website. As a matter of fact, real-photo book, softcover A5s belong to the best deals on photo albums in the UK. The highly affordable price of photographic sheets combined with a lay-flat binding makes it possible to order several copies of the same personalised photo album. In this way, not only will you save money, but also have a DIY photo gift for all your friendsrelatives and work colleagues.

Within a few minutes, you will be able to design a unique and personalised photo album. In order to save time, we recommend using our automatic function which includes a set of preformatted layouts; the pictures can be added with the simple "drag & drop" function.

Also the delivery is quicker in Real-photo book, softcover A5 landscapes: thanks to a shorter production phase, the album will arrive faster at your address. For this reason, this personalised photo album is also known as "quick-print photo album".

But, if your budget is limited, we offer two other types of cheaper photo albums: A5 photo books with a spiral binding and A5 saddle-stitch photobooks. In this case the pages are made of inkjet printed paper sheets .

Create a personalised baby photo album

The birth of a new baby is a unique experience full of emotions that deserves to be immortalised in a baby photo album. If for example a professional photographer has taken the pictures with his own camera, even if you were in hospital, you want to make sure that they turn out as good as possible. Indeed, children grow up so fast and you don't want to miss a single detail!

By creating a baby photo album with photo paper sheets, a natural look and dazzling colour tones will be guaranteed. These effects can be further increased with an additional glossy finish.

Download the software editor or create the album online

myphotobook UK offers you the chance to create your photo album online and offline. Both editors are completely free, although in the download version a bigger catalog of design elements is available (including cliparts, backgrounds, texts and filters). All these creative resources can be used to decorate the inner pages or the album cover.

A further advantage of downloading the program on to your computer is that you can save the project and continue working on it later. As for the online album editor, a personal account needs to be created on the website to be able to save it. In any event, myphotobook's design tool can be used on mobile electronic devices, such as laptops, smartphones, iPhones and tablets. In this way, you can use your break at work or free time on the public transport to finish off the album. We wish you lots of fun!