Real-photo book softcover 20x20

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  • 18 to 66-page photo album (18-264 photos) with plenty of space for your own pics
  • Make a photo album online or download the free software!
  • Premium photographic paper (380 gsm)
  • Premium lay-flat binding
  • Available in matte and glossy

Real-photo book softcover 20x20

A newborn baby means a new beggining! Capture the first months of life in top quality images with a square 20x20 cm photo album. Reflect the different growth phases, from crawling to walking and playing. Premium photographic sheets provide the increased level of contrast and colour brilliance of clasically developed photos. These sheets have a higher resistance to light exposure. Thanks to the lay-flat binding, you gain twice as much space for panoramic images. Find a matching template inside the photo album maker and add your own decorations. Design a first-year photo album, a toddler photo album or a birthday photo album with a fashionable square shape.

Main features of our personalised photo books:

  • Number of pages: 18 to 66 pages to design by yourself
  • Size: 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8") approx.
  • Cover and inner pages: paperback-like softcover (customisable on both sides), inner pages and cover made from durable, matte photo paper
  • Binding: premium lay-flat binding allowing panoramic display
  • Paper: 380 gsm photo paper
  • Production technique: photo developing on silver halide photographic sheets
  • How to order it: create a photobook online or download the free software!
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A modern & square photo album 8x8"

The old and bulky family album has handed over the baton to modern square photo albums. Let's accept it: modern times demand a more functional use of the space and this is exactly what 8x8" photo albums with a softcover and a layflat binding provide: not only do they help you save space in your home library by shortening the length to become a square photo album, but a lay-flat bookbinding enables twice as much surface for printing than a normal photobook.

Then, there's a peculiar phenomenon that happens when images are presented in a square photo album, by which they create a visual impression of expanding. Therefore, 8x8" photo albums - a rather small album format - are best suited to highlight a theme or focus on certain details, like a nice smile or a profound look. It is this sort of photographic details that requires a warm and human touch, only obtainable with real photographs. For this reason, 8x8" layflat photo albums are produced with premium photo paper sheets. And instead of being printed, the pictures are transferred to the sheets using professional photo developing techniques.

Contrary to what one might expect, these personalised photo albums in 8x8" size have a cheaper and shorter production phase than other models. As a result, they can be shipped faster. Accordingly, 8x8" photo albums with a softcover fall into the category of "quick-print photo albums". Quick print photo albums are also available as A4, A5 and A6 photo albums.

Square DIY photo album

Making a DIY photo album by yourself is in fact a relatively modern practice. Nowadays, we have more sources of photography than ever. Pictures downloaded from Instagram and Facebook, dazzling snaps from your smartphone or some hidden attachment in an e-mail are just the perfect excuse to design a square photo album.
In the UK, do-it-yourself has become a trend in many industries like fashion, food, furniture and certainly, with personalised photo albums.

Follow your own instinct and personal style in a self-designed photo album that shines with authentic and thrilling moments. Enjoy your freedom of choice to design the soft cover, the inner pages or the book spine.

In myphotobook's catalogue of square photo albums you can also find a:

  • hardcover 12x12" square photo album (30x30 cm),
  • hardcover 8x8" square photo album (20x20 cm).

Design a personalised photo album online

Using myphotobook's online photo album maker, you gain access to a complete arsenal of creative resources to design a personalised photo album: cliparts, custom backgrounds, album templates, filters and many more. Inside the online editor, it pays to experiment with the order of the pictures, until you find a structure for the project.

Since Fuji photo paper is used for the pages, the albums provide a noble and elegant look. Remember that an additional glossy film can be ordered for the inner pages, as well as for the book cover for a small extra fee. In any of these cases, 851 x 851 pixel resolution should be reached to avoid unsharp images. In contrast, an 1880 x 1880 resolution ensures top results .

Photo developing to remember the Good Ol' Days

Photo processing increases the colour brilliance, depth and sharpness of a picture. In addition, photo paper contains so-called "silver halides" which are very sensitive to light exposure and cause a chemical reaction that reproduces the image.

Developed photographs are likely to remind you of your childhood: usually, once the holidays were over, your parents would give in their photographic films at a shop, hoping that some of them would have turned out well. There would always be great excitement at home whenever the pictures arrived in a big envelope. Instead of piling up those envelopes in a press or sticking on the pictures one by one, design an 8x8" personalised photo album and make copies for your loved ones. After all, a personalised gift is always more special than one that is already made.

Photo album ideas

If you have a nice idea for making a photo album but would like some advice and suggestions for a set of pictures, myphotobook's team is happy to help. Some of the most popular ideas to design a square photo album are:

  • wedding photo album,
  • honeymoon photo album,
  • baby photo album,
  • family photo album,
  • travel photo album,
  • memories photo album,
  • scrapbook photo album.

However, our photo album maker allows you to design every single element from scratch or use predesigned templates to save time.

Indeed, in a personalised photo album it is easy to show how things change constantly. As Andy Warhol once said: “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” Capture the magic of unique moments and save them in a safe place for posterity!