Kitchen calendar large

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  • 12 pages (one for each month) and one cover page
  • Start month: January
  • Use a template or make a calendar from scratch
  • Splash-proof if ordered with an extra glossy finish

Kitchen calendar large

Gain control over your time! This calendar offers plenty of space for appointments of all family members. Every day, this large kitchen photo calendar will help you keep an overview of your schedule. With so much space, you won't forget the next birthday, a perfect dinner with your best friends, the date of your upcoming wedding or your daughter's music lesson. Design each month page with pictures and backgrounds that match your kitchen with your own style

Main features of our personalised calendars:

  • Calendar pages: 12 month pages plus one front page, fully customisable
  • Format: portrait (21.0 x 42.0 cm, 8.2 x 16.5" approx.)
  • Resolution requirements: 2026 x 4051 pixels (preferred), 827 x 1654 pixels (minimum)
  • Print area: 21.0 x 42.0 cm (8.2 x 16.5")
  • Material: inkjet printing paper sheets bound with a wire spiral, incl. aluminium hanger
  • Production technique: premium digital print technology 
  • Hint: obtain a classy look ordering an additional high-gloss finish for a small extra fee. Open the online calendar maker, click on "My Project" and "Options" and select "glossy paper"
Kitchen calendar largePrices
Kitchen calendar large
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Kitchen calendar large high-gloss finishingPrices
Kitchen calendar large
All prices incl.VAT plus shipping costs
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Large kitchen photo calendar

The main advantage of a large kitchen photo calendar is the extensive space it offers for leaving notes and comments, either for someone else or as a reminder for yourself. In most kitchen photo calendars, like this one, the pages are long and slim. On each page, the day of the week is displayed on the left, then further right you find the date and right beside it, a long line for writing text. At the top of the kitchen photo calendar, a rectangular 21 x 42 cm area (with a portrait layout) is reserved for your photos. Finally, below the pictures, the name of each month is included. Compared to the classical kitchen photo calendar, this model offers more space for notes and a wider printing surface for the pictures. For both formats, we recommend ordering a glossy finish, which makes the surface water-repellent, especially it the calendar will be kept in the kitchen.

A practical kitchen photo calendar to schedule your day

Regardless of where you hang up this kitchen photo calendar (either on a wall or on the fridge), it will help you get an overall monthly view of your appointments, deadlines and social events. Every day, as you wake up in the morning and start to prepare your breakfast, have a first look at your big kitchen photo calendar, be inspired by your favourite pictures and check the plan for the whole day.

If you are going out somewhere in a great rush, a personalised kitchen photo calendar is a fast and practical way to communicate with your partner, your children or flatmates. With a few basic words, you can let the other person know your plans for the rest of the day.

Create a calendar for your kitchen

Since you probably don't want to create a calendar just for yourself, but also for the rest of the family or the people living in your house, it is a good idea to use group pictures to design a kitchen calendar. By adding pictures of the whole crowd, you can catch their attention and make sure the calendar gets used.

As soon as you have collected the pictures in a computer folder, it will just take you a few minutes to create a calendar that both decorates your kitchen and helps you organise your time during the year. myphotobook's calendar maker offers more than 50 different topic-related templates that simplify the design process.

Use it as your family or couple calendar

Sharing a calendar, as a part of a family or a couple indeed makes it a lot more enjoyable. As there is certainly enough space for two, an interesting method is to draw a line down the middle, so that each one can have its own personal area and you can use it as a couple calendar. If the whole family decides to use the calendar, give each member a different colour, to keep your family calendar nicely organised.

A 2020 personalised calendar for your office

To create a friendly atmosphere in your workplace, you can use pictures of your team, company events, summer party in a personalised office calendar. Take a list of your colleague's birthdaysdedicate a page to each of them and offer it as a Christmas corporate gift. In case you would like to save money on your 2020 personalised calendar, we suggest creating an affordable year planner in A3 or A2 size.