iPhone case

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  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Colourful wrapping picture (over the edge)
  • For iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s and Plus, 7/8 and Pus, X, SE, XS, XS MAX, XR, 11, 11 Pro
  • Optionally available with bumper (shock-absorbing rubber) for an optimum level of protection

iPhone case

„If you don't have an iPhone, then you don't have“ … an individually-designed Apple iPhone® protective case featuring your own photos! Stylish, practical and individual: Create a unique smartphone case to your own taste, using your favourite photos, our trendy backgrounds, cheeky texts and handy layout templates, and give your iPhone® the special protection it deserves. To gift or to keep!

Main features of our personalised iPhone cases:

  • Material: polycarbonate
  • Production technique: direct printing
  • Optional: available with protective high-quality Bumper (£4 extra)
  • Hint: available in black, white, red and transparent, metal backing with metal for greater protection

Printing data for your iPhone 5/5s/SE Case with Photo:

  • Printed area: 8.7 x 13.6 cm (3.4 x 5.3")
  • Resolution: 1028 x 1606 pixels (preferred) 343 x 535 pixels (minimum)

Printing data for your iPhone 6/6s Case with Photo:

  • Printed area: 9.2 x 14.7 cm (3.6 x 5.7")
  • Resolution: 1087x 1736 pixels (preferred) 362 x 579 pixels (minimum)

Printing data for your iPhone 6 Plus/ 7 Plus/ 8 Plus Case with Photo:

  • Printed area: 11.3 x 18.0 cm (4.4 x 7")
  • Resolution: 1335 x 2126 pixels (preferred) 445 x 709 pixels (minimum)

Print data for your iPhone 7/8 Case with Photo:

  • Print area: 9.5 x 15.1 cm
  • Resolution: 1126 x 1783 pixels

Print data for your iPhone X Case with Photo:

  • Print area: 9.5 x 16.1 cm
  • Resolution: 1126 x 1896 pixels

Print data for your iPhone XS Case with Photo:

  • Print area: 9.5 x 16 cm
  • Resolution: 1126 x 1896 pixels

Print data for your iPhone XS MAX Case with Photo:

  • Print area: 10.5 x 17.7 cm
  • Resolution: 1241 x 2085 pixels

Print data for your iPhone XR Case with Photo:

  • Print area: 10.6 x 17.1 cm
  • Resolution: 1241 x 2014pixels

Print data for your iPhone 11 Case with Photo:

  • Print area: 10.1 x 17.0 cm 
  • Resolution: 1190 x 2008 pixels

Print data for your iPhone 11pro Case with Photo:

  • Print area: 9.5 x 16.0 cm
  • Resolution: 1124 x 1890 pixels
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Personalised iPhone 6 case

A personalised iPhone 6 case is a fashionable accesory used to protect the back of an iPhone 6, which can be also  customised with a personal design. Since naked iPhones are exposed to external damage, a personalised phone case protects the iPhone 6 against shattering while allowing it to be used at the same time. In turn, the printed images at the back of the iphone 6 case give the smartphone a cheerful and youthful look.

One of the star features of iPhone 6 is its high-quality camera and the retina HD display. In a run of bad luck, the phone could fall out of your pocket and get broken. In these cases, a personalised iPhone 6 case makes the phone more visible and helps you preserve its elements. After all, the guarantee usually covers manufacturing flaws, but no accidents caused by normal use. When one buys such a valuable smartphone as an iPhone 6, getting an additional protective case is a wise choice. And if it's personalised with your design, the more trendy it will be. Whether hipster, geek, hippie, casual or retro, a personalised iPhone case sets the basis a unique personal style.

Custom iPhone cases for you to personalise online

This iPhone 6 case is made of synthetic material and is provided with a bumper. The bumper protects the edges of the iPhone from getting dented. Apart from iPhone 6, this personalised case can be used for most iPhone models that are available in the market. The protective case is thus suitable as a:

  • personalised iphone 6 case
  • personalised iphone 6 plus case
  • personalised iphone 5 case
  • personalised iphone 5s case
  • personalised iphone 5c case
  • personalised iphone 4 case

Print your personalised phone case iPhone 6

Many users like to decorate their iPhones with popsockets, whereas others prefer to use phone skins. We offer you to print your own personal images and phrases on a personalised phone case for iPhone 6 and other models. The images are reproduced with direct print. This technique delivers brilliant colours and reproduces the images with a natural appearance.

Make your own iPhone case

You probably have some beautiful picture stored on your smartphone folders, which you would like to use for something. If the image has sufficient resolution, you will be able to design your own iPhone case with it.  To check this, open myphotobook's editor and select the exact model of the phone. Next, upload the picture and paste it to the online simulation of the case. Unless the program displays a warning message, the image will be acceptable.

Remember that the design can consist of pictures or text. If you choose text, adding your own initials, a well-known saying or the lyrics of a song are interesting possibilites to make an iPhone case. If instead, you choose to focus on pictures, you can add epic photos from football & basketball stars, famous actors, celebrities or also of yourself. With two or more images, you can design an artistic photo collage to spruce up the iPhone case. All these ideas are supported by a huge gallery of cliparts, backgrounds, frames, filters and creative shapes. Please note that the personalised iPhone 6 case will be printed out to the very edge. As you are finished designing it, you have the choice of selecting an additional bumper for the case. Finish the process by adding the order to the shopping basket, complete your details and specify a payment method. Your iPhone case will be delivered only a few days later!

Personalised phone cases and photo gifts

Personalised phone cases make original and entertaining gifts that can be adapted to fit a variety of occasions. Design them as your next Christmas present for a best friend, as a Valentine gift for your soulmate or as a back-to-school photo gift for your children. The fact that the case isn't a generic one, but a real bespoke case with a genuine message makes a big difference for the person receiving it. Moreover, if it's a present of a personalised phone case for iPhone 6, it will contribute to making the phone last for longer.

myphotobook UK has prepared a vast selection of photo gifts and custom printed articles to use with computers, laptops and other electronic devices. If you are interested in this line of articles, we suggest having a look at the:

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For any questions, feel free to contact myphotobook's customer service.