iPad case with photo

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  • Material: synthetic cover, black backing in synthetic leather, uniting piece and inner surface with a suede appearance
  • 3 stitched-on flat leather strips act as a display support for comfortable viewing
  • Velcrum strip increases the stability of the iPad®
  • Suitable for: iPad 2, iPad 3

iPad case with photo

Perfect for the office, surfing the web on the couch or for when you're on the go: This sturdy case made from elegant synthetic leather and polyester not only protects your iPad® from scratches and light shocks, but the practical display function allows you to shop easily... sorry, surf easily, on the move. Let your creativity run free with the cover and design the protective case with your own photos, our trendy backgrounds and simple-as-pie layout templates. An exclusive iPad display case that is guaranteed to be a one-off no-one else can copy!

Main features of our personalised iPad cases:

  • Material: synthetic cover, black backing in synthetic leather, uniting piece and inner surface with a suede appearance
  • Production technique: sublimation printing
  • Printed area: 29.7 x 21.0 cm (11.7 x 8.2")
  • Resolution requirements: 2339 x 1654 pixels (preferred), 1169 x 827 pixels (minimum)
  • Hint: 3 stitched-on flat leather strips act as a display support for comfortable viewing, velcrum strip increases the stability of the iPad®
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iPad case with photo
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A personalised iPad case for your new tablet

Protecting your Apple iPad®with a personalised iPad case is a useful way to prevent the tablet screen from getting stained or scratched with a fashionable personalised leather pocket. The design of the iPad case remains open for the owner of the device to add custom phrases and pictures which are uploaded online. This personalised iPad case fits all iPads with 9.5 x 7.31 x 0.34" dimensions (241 x 186 x 8.8 mm, height x width x depth). The personalised case includes three leather strips for installing the iPad in an upright position for watching videos and cheking emails comfortably.

As mobile computers, iPads are valuable electronic devices that get to be transported very often. Indeed, a cool personalised iPad case builds a modern and unique look which becomes important at certain stages in life, like the first year at University or starting a new work position. Customised cases cause a good impression and show your colleagues that you look after your items and personal image..

As for this personalised iPad cover, it can be used to keep the following iPad lines:

iPad 2 case & covers

A personalised iPad 2 case with photo is an original  DIY alternative to the classical smart cover. The cover is made of resistant polyester, whereas the inside is manufactured with composite leather. This iPad case is specially designed to protect the characteristic rear-facing camera of an iPad 2 and avoid cracks. Combined with colourful pictures, personal slogans and funny phrases it provides a classy and funky look. To close the personalised iPad 2 case, a practical touch fastener is included.

Personalised iPad 3 case

Furthermore, the iPad case is suitable for iPads from the 3rd generation (called The New iPad ), except for the iPad Air, iPad Mini and Ipad Pro, which have smaller or bigger proportions. If your partner has an iPad 3 tablet, you can make a personalised iPad 3 case as your next Christmas or Valentine gift.

iPad 4 case DIY

The iPad with Retina display - also called iPad 4 - enjoys a remarkable screen which needs to be preserved in the safest possible way. Designing a custom iPad 4 case is a great help if you are constantly carrying the tablet from home to the office and back. Besides, a personalised iPad 4 case is a trendy accessory that can be matched with a handbag or rucksack.

iPad 2017 - the 5th generation

Nevertheless, the 5th generation of iPads has slightly different dimensions. These are 9.4 x 6.6 x 0.29 inches (240 mm x 169.5 x 7.5 mm). So although theoretically our personalised iPad case could be used for iPad 5, the case would be a bit loose. Take these details into consideration when buying your next iPad and making your own iPad case with myphotobook UK.

Photo iPad case design & printing

All photos used to design a photo iPad case can be displayed in a horizontal or vertical position. Depending on the selected image, one of the two options will bring more advantages. The pictures are transferred onto the personalised iPad case with direct printing to ensure a vivid image reproduction. If the provided resolution is at least of 1169 x 827 pixels, practically any kind of picture, including smartphone captures, can be printed on a photo iPad case.

Make your own iPad case

There are two ways to make your own iPad case: one is uploading the pictures to myphotobook's editor and the other one is to download the software onto your computer. The design tool is available for tablets, smartphones, PCs and laptops. The text function makes is possible to insert funny quotes, personal greetings or a happy birthday message on the outside of the case.

iPad case for kids

Nowadays, our kids are brought up with technology. As a result, they are used to handling and mastering these electronic devices. A picture of their favourite animal or rockstar or designing iPad cases that look like books make unique gift ideas for birthdays or going back to school. Besides, making an iPad case for your kids encourages them to look after their own things.

iPad cases, phone cases & personalised photo gifts

An iPad case isn't the only personalised photo gift for electronic devices that you can make using myphotobook's design tool. For more unusual gift ideas, take a look at our:

  • personalised phone case for iphone 6,
  • personalised phone for samsung s6,
  • personalised ipad sleeve,
  • personalised mouse mats.