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  • Not suitable for dishwashing machines
  • Glass: transparent
  • Maximum capacity: 0.2 or 0.4 L


Bubbly, delightful and refreshing! Create individualised drinking glasses with your photos, cheeky messages, our trendy backgrounds and practical layout templates, and bring some fun to the breakfast table. With these thirst quenchers, even morning grumps won't be able to stay in a bad mood. These drinking glasses in two different sizes (200 ml and 400 ml) also function fantastically as an eye-catcher at the garden party, or as a sweet, exclusive giveaway at children's birthday parties. Simply upload your photo, design the glass and order it quickly and without hassle!

Main features of our personalised glasses:

  • Maximum capacity: 200 ml
  • 13.5 x 6 cm (5.3 x 2.3")
  • Material: glass
  • Production technique: transfer printing
  • Hint: glass also available with a 400 ml maximum capacity, transparent surfaces not printable
  • Specifications: Not suitable for dishwashing machines; handwash recommended for longer picture durability

Printing data for your glass:

Vertical picture:

  • Printed area: 4.5 x 6.5 cm (1.7 x 2.5")
  • Resolution: 531 x 768 pixels (preferred), 177 x 256 pixels (minimum)

Photo in landscape format:

  • Printed area: 8.5 x 6.0 cm (3.3 x 2.3")
  • Resolution: 1004 x 709 pixels (preferred), 335 x 236 pixels (minimum)
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Glass 0,2 l
Glass 0,4 l
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Personalised glasses for drinking water & juice

Personalised glasses are fine pieces of glassware onto which pictures are printed and they are suitable for all kinds of drinksliquids. Both personal images and custom texts can be transferred onto the glass surface to create a unique gift experience. With personalised glasses, it is easier to get into the fancy atmosphere of a party or decorate the table with some colourful images.

From cocktail glasses to smoothies, a refreshing lemonade and certainly water, personalised glasses bring a nice thought with each sip of your favourite drink. When used as basic kitchen accessories, personalised drinking glasses remind of you a special event, an old pet or someone who you still appreciate. Subconsciously, the images we see in our everyday routine have an emotional impact on us. Next time you' are asked if "the glass is half-full or half-empty", look at your personalised glass and think of your most positive experiences.

How we print your personalised glasses

Personalised glasses are printed with the classical photo transfer technique, in which the picture is first transferred to a paper sheet and then pressed onto the glass surface. The purpose of this procedure is to print the images permanently and make them show with intense colours and maximum depth on the glass surface. Although the glass vessels are transparent, any empty areas inside a picture will turn out white.

Two different options are offered to print the pictures onto a glass: a vertical one (portrait layout) and a horizontal one (landscape layout). These can be combined with two possible sizes: 200 ml and 400 ml. After being used, personalised glasses should be washed by hand.

Custom glassware and personalised glasses for alcoholic drinks

The fact that these glasses can be personalised offers the chance to adapt them to any occasion. Indeed, the shape plays an important role, especially if the glasses are to be used in celebrations and will be filled with alcoholic beverages. myphotobook's online editor allows you to design:

Personalised whisky glasses

A short and round glass for serving your whisky "on the rocks" or any other way you like. This personalised glass is a perfect item for a home mini-bar.

Personalised pint glasses

The traditional beer pint glass with a fancy picture and funny texts of your own printed on the front.

Personalised wheat beer glasses

Long and stylished customisable glasses to enjoy the delicious taste and frothy foam of wheat beer.

Personalised champagne flutes

These long and thin personalised glasses are specifically designed to increase the pleasure of drinking champagne. It's the most popular choice for weddings.

Personalised drinking glasses to quench the thirst

Despite the general assumption that we should drink at least 8 ounces of water a day, many people actually need more to stay hydrated. In hot days, you will drink many times out of the same glass. So what better way of marking your favourite one than  making a personalised drinking glass with a funny or quirky quote? Drinking is a daily ritual that varies throughout different cultures. For example, in Ukrainain weddings the groom is expected to drink out of the bride's shoes. Instead of this, we suggest you to upload your pictures online and make your own glass:

Make your own drinking glass

The online editor will show a virtual simulation of the glass. At the left, you will see the picture that you want to use to make your own glass. Insert the photo and move it to the point where it looks right. It is possible to crop it, resize and add text or more decorative elements. Some of the most popular ways of making personalised drinking glasses are:

Christmas drinking glasses

Christmas glasses set the mood of cheerful celebrations. Design a glass for each member of the family and offer them as thrilling funky gifts.

Vintage drinking glasses

A retro look is easy to obtain with old nostalgic pictures. Take an old picture of your brothers & sisters in your childhood and get it printed on nice vintage personalised drinking glasses.

Hen party glasses

A few colorful drinking straws and some cheeky phrases make the perfect hen party gift.

Children's glasses

Funny glasses with cartoons, superheroes or animals will stimulate your children to finish up their breakfast and drink their glass of milk or healthy orange juice.

Bar glasses

Custom printed glasses are also a practical solution to personalise the supplies of a restaurant or office. Order a set of bar glasses with your brand logo and slogan.

Order a glass set as your next photo gift

The most practical of buying your personalised glasses is to order a glass set. Bulk orders turn out cheaper, since the delivery fee is charged for only one article. If you are considering other forms of personalised tableware for your next photo gifts, instead of glass, try the ceramic photo mugs!