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Design a personalised phone case, iPad cases and accessories

As for personalised phone cases, there are basically two types of persons: the ones who love and enjoy using their smartphones and those who just want them for practical purposes. Whichever type you are, your cell phone case does say something about you and the way you treat your personal belongings. iPhones from Apple and tablets are indeed expensive electronic devices which need to be looked after. Furthermore, a personalised phone case is a truly original and highly artistic personalised photo gift. Designing a phone case online is all about choosing the right photo: a powerful smile, your pet's best portrait picture or a beautiful capture from your last holiday trip will make the best out of it. If you feel like making a present of a custom phone case, you really don't need to wait until the next special occasion.  A personalised iPhone 6 case can also be symbol for an ever lasting friendship or a celebration of a new baby's birth. The person who receives them will realise the trouble you have gone to looking for the right present. To make sure you acquire a valuable accessoire for your cell phone,  myphotobook's shop offers an additional bumper protection for an additional £4 fee.

What is a personalised phone case useful for?

  • to protect your cell phone, iPhone or smartphone and prevent it from getting scratched;
  • to help you find it more easily if it happens to get lost;
  • just to have something nice to look at when you are obliged to wait somewhere;
  • for the sake of keeping its value: who knows, maybe you decide to resell it at some stage?
Phone warranties don't usually cover any damages caused by normal usage, which means preventing any scratches and impacts is a key to maintaining the value of the device.

Is it true that personalised iPhone 6 cases affect the signal?

Only if the case includes a magnetic clip, which isn't the case in myphotobook's personalised iPhone cases. As a matter of fact, a cell phone case stops you from blocking the antenna with your finger, so in the end it is actually good for the signal.

Is it a a good idea to have a few different phone cases?

Most people have a collection of 3 to 5 different phone cases in different colours. Our phone case designer allows you to choose from a variety of red, black, white, and transparent iPhone cases. In case you have different types of phones - like an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy personalised case - you can design one case for each modell. These cases can be adapted to match your clothes, bags and other personal accessories.

How to design your personalised phone case with myphotobook

Once you have started our phone case designer, the best thing to do is look for a matching background and decide if you would prefer to use a certain pattern or simply add on single cliparts and pieces of text. In case you want to insert a photo, make sure that it meets the resolution requirements and that it fits the printable area. This will mainly depend on the cell phone model (iPhone 5, iPhone 6 case or iPhone 6 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy s4, s5 or s6). Please note that regardless of your cell phone model, the price remains as of £16.99  Finally, switch to preview mode if you want to check the end result.

A personalised iPad case? It's either dressed up or naked

Personalised iPad cases have evolved into the most unbelievable and original personalised photo gifts. Some of the market's best iPad cases have the appearance of a book, others stand up and ...what does myphotobook do? Abracadabra! By some special sort of magic, we let you add your own pictures of memorable life experiences and  important people in your life and get them printed on your personalised iPad case. Any time you are sitting in the subway and browse in the Internet or should you get out the iPad to watch a film on a plane or train, this very special photo will remind you of life's greatest moments. It therefore makes an ideal personalised travel gift for all ages. Is your best friend a real iPad geek? If yes, now you can design two different types of personalised gifts: either a personalised iPad case or a bag decorated with your own photos. You may even know people who just have everything  - you just wouldn't know what else you could offer them as a gift. Nevertheless, a personalised iPad bag and cases are handy gifts for students & teachers, teenagers, tech-savvy mothers, modern grandpas and of course, business people. Down to the facts: 50% of British homes own a tablet or an iPad. Moreover, finding the right present for your sweetheart isn't always an easy task. You may have already offered one of our articles before or it maybe it doesn't quite fit your partner's preferences. If that's the case, we have a new idea for you: consider making a personalised iPad bag. It makes an original photo gift idea for your girl- or boyfriend's birthday or a romantic present for Valentine's Day.

Colorful personalised mouse mats with your own photos

One of the most attractive photo gift ideas for people who sit long hours at the computer is a personalised mouse mat. myphotobook UK gives you a choice of a rectangular shaped mouse mat (either in landscape or portrait orientation), as well original heart and cloud shapes. Thanks to a semi-gloss, water-repellent surface, your personal photos will be printed and displayed with the maximum image quality. myphotobook's personalised mouse mats are made of foam rubber and polyester. Thus, they are both abrasion and scratch proof and very easy to clean. Turn a dull and colourless office desk into a magic space where you can keep holiday souvenirs and inspiring photographic captures! Panoramic photos, natural landscapes, family gatherings at Christmas or a picture of that person who you will always remember will have their own place in your daily working desktop.

Personalised photo gifts that rock

Do you like customised articles as much as we do? With myphotobook UK you will discover a whole world of personalised photo gifts. Design your own presents for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas, birthdays, christenings and weddings.  Using our online software is a fun experience accessible for anyone. Enjoy making a variety of photo mugs, housewarming gifts and many more photo gift ideas and accessories online or with our free-download software. Have them delivered at home or at any other address within the United Kingdom and Ireland. Surprise your friends and relatives with a meaningful and unexpected present and have fun seeing their reactions. Unlike standard articles which you can buy in a normal shop, personalised gifts help you send a special an unique message. As the saying goes "a personalised photo gift is worth a thousand words!"