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Gifts for students, teachers gifts & first day at school presents

Making sucessful gifts for students can be sometimes a hard task, since University is a time in life where expectations are particularly high and students are subject to great competition. Showing off and being fancy is definitely a part of student life, but not all families can afford to buy a car as a gift. Personalising your gifts for students with meaningful pictures or a nice message will make them just as happy and you won't need to spend so much money on them. Whenever they see their personalised photo gift - be it a bookmark, an iPad case or a mouse mat, it will remind them of your support and best wishes for their exams and academic life. myphotobook UK has prepared a genuine selection of personalised photo gifts for academic purposes, including;
  • personalised bookmarks,
  • personalised iPad cases,
  • custom iPad bags,
  • personalised mouse mats,
  • personalised travel mugs,
  • personalised leather wallets,
  • lunchboxes with photo and

Personalised bookmarks

Personalised bookmarks make a truly original and thoughtful present for someone who is studying or preparing for final exams. If you need to read long essays and many books, the last thing you want is to lose the page which you had been working on. By marking the page, you will automatically remember at what point you had stopped reading and dive into the subject more easily. In fact, Great Britain has a long standing tradition of personalised bookmarks displaying inspiring phrases - like the classical  "Today is the day of the rest of your life". Custom bookmarks somehow belong to a book geek's basic equipment and have therefore become a part of the reading ritual. Not only do they help us keep the track of thought, but also accompany us in our most contemplative and philosophical moments. All you need is one single picture and you will be able to design your own photo bookmarks online within a few minutes. Please note that all bookmarks from myphotobook include a special coating protecting them against dust and liquids.

Personalised iPad cases & bags as graduation gifts

If your daughter or son is about to graduate from University and you have decided to buy a present of an iPad, a personalised iPad case will give the last touch to an unforgettable graduation gift. iPad cases offered by myphotobook are made of synthetic leather and polyester, which makes them water resistant. Both sides (back and front) are customisable, leaving plenty of space for you to add impressive pictures of the nicest moments shared together. It will be your way of complimenting that special person for the obtained results, as well as for the time and effort they put into it. Important life events, such as a student's graduation or a successful PhD definitely deserve a unique graduation gift of a personalised iPad case. Moreover, they are practical to protect electronic devices against impacts and scratches. In contrast, our iPad zip bags make the trendiest personalised travel gifts for all times of the year (Christmas, Easter, birthdays, summer holidays and of certainly as graduation gifts). Up to 10 inch-size laptops and notebooks can be kept inside these personalised iPad bags. And even if everybody has their own taste, with a personalised photo gift you just can't fail! In this section you can find more photo gift ideas for your personalised phone cases & iPad accessories.

Personalised mouse mats

Personalised mouse mats give that special flair to a desktop and make the hours of work at the computer more enjoyable. Thanks to a silk-matt finish and a crystal structure our personalised mouse mats offer the highest quality to get your images printed. Personalised mouse mats can be easily turned into unusual gifts by adding pictures of your loved ones or of your pets. Each personalised photo gift deserves a personal rendition, which can be obtained with funny phrases and original backgrounds.

Teacher gifts and personalised photo gifts

The end of the school term or year is a perfect time for a personalised teacher gift. It will be your way of thanking the person who has taught your child for a whole year. If it's a teacher who you especially appreciate or who is retiring, then you probably feel like making a special present that they can remember. And what better way to do this than with a personalised teacher gift? Your child probably already knows the teacher's preferences in terms of style and personal accessories.

How much can you spend on a personalised teacher's gift?

To design a specific gift for a teacher, we suggest ordering a personalised travel mug or a leather wallet. The price of both gifts is of about £16.99.

Personalised travel mugs

There's two things teachers need to be able to spend so many hours working with kids: patience and a lot of coffee (or tea)! Our personalised travel mugs are a great gift for a teacher and will help them recover their energy during the school break. The selected picture for this personalised travel mugs will be printed on a separate sheet, which is then inserted in the actual mug. These pretty travel mugs will make you feel like designing one for yourself! In this way, a combination of your favourite drink and nicest pictures will stimulate both your taste and vision senses. Be the trendiest coffee-to-go of your office!

Leather wallets

A leather wallet makes indeed an elegant and personalised teacher gift. However, it can be suitable for all types of people and age groups, from children to students and adults.  A big main pocket and many different compartments make it possible to keep coins and transport cards in these personalised leather wallets. Also photo mugs & plates make a very popular gift for teachers.

First day at school gifts

There are few days as exciting as your kids' first day at school. Wouldn't you like to celebrate it with a stunning first-day-at-school gift? Imagine the faces when they get to see a lunchbox with a photo of themselves. Children have actually very different reactions at their 1st day at school. But, with a personalised photo gift you can send them a positive message and show them how much you care about them. Some of myphotobook's most successful first-day-at-school gifts are lunchboxes with photo and personalised note books:

A lunchbox with photo

Our school lunchbox with photo is available in a variety of colours including red, yellow and blue. It is provided with a double sealing and is manufactured using food-safe plastic. Your kids will just feel so proud of their personalised box during the lunch break!