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Personalised travel gifts are easy so to carry!

Say you were lucky to capture some really good snaps that could be used in personalised travel gifts. You probably won't get to see that special person again for some time, but would like to stay in touch or simply be remembered? Indeed, when you consider making personalised travel gifts, one needs to take into account that travellers usually can't carry heavy stuff nor bulky objects. Otherwise they will need to pay an additional fee due to excess lugagge when flying or may not have enough space in the train for them. Preferably, it should be  a small but meaningful and unusual present that can be carried around easily. In the middle of a traffic jam or during the next trip abroad, the gift recipient will have time to admire your unique and personalised photo gift and recall your presence. It won't take you much time to decide on an article, since personalised photo gifts are suitable for practically any occasion Nonetheless, it makes sense to stop and think which these could make good personalised travel gifts. If the person receiving the gift travels a lot by car and needs to spend many hours on the road, consider designing a personalised keyring with a photo of your group of friends printed on it. Portrait pictures that have been saved on some computer folder are always a popular theme to make a nice giveaway. Take the time to find the picture that best suits your creative photo gift ideas!

Gifts for travel lovers, digital nomads & backpackers

How many of your friends just love travelling? Almost 99,9% of them? myphotobook's catalogue of personalised photo gifts for travel lovers offers:
  • personalised travel mugs
  • original canvas bags
  • personalised bookmarks
  • fashionable iPhone cases & bags
  • iPad cases & bags
  • personalised keyrings
  • lunchboxes with photo
  • personalised leather wallets
  • small photo gifts, such as photo pockets & concertina fold-books.
Unique gifts for travel lovers really don't need to cost a fortune. You can actually find smart photo gift ideas at a very affordable price. Many of our unusual gift ideas are available for less than £10. The lucky person who gets your gift will be able to bring to excursions, on a cruise holiday around the Mediterranean or to any favourite travel destinations.

Small personalised photo gifts for travellers

Small pocket-size gifts are smart and highly practical objects to offer as a present to your dearest and loving travellers. Wallets, photo pockets, personalised keyrings or phone cases make smart gifts that hardly take up any space. They can be a small gift or tribute to your best moments spent together.  A nice and thoughtful present for a friend or a family member who loves to read is certainly a personalised bookmark with a nice phrase or picture printed on it. You probably know myphotobook's concept already: we allow you to create a huge variety of personalised photo gifts even if you haven't used a similar software tool before. Unlike more complex graphic design programs, our online designer is simple and intuitive. Feel free to try out an idea, save it or simply delete it. Insert backgrounds, cliparts and anything else you feel like. From now on, making unique and small personalised gifts will be just effortless for you!

Clever business & personalised travel gifts

What about your friends who spend half the year working abroad? For them, you can design unusual and entertaining business travel gifts that protect their valuable objets, like a laptop, tablet or smartphone. If they work a lot from their computer or phone, a personalised phone case (either iPhone or Samsung Galaxy) will make a much appreciated personalised travel gift. Travel mugs are also a smart photo gift idea for carrying hot drinks without fearing they could spill the liquid. In myphotobook's personalised travel mugs, the picture will be printed on a separate sheet, which is inserted in the actual mug afterwards. In fact, these business gift ideas don't need any special special occasion. It's more a matter of finding an item that the person needs! And myphotobook's personalised photo gifts are so versatile that you will always something suitable. Enjoy our great gift selection, an easy online design tool, top quality service and cheap personalised photo gifts.

Personalised children's gifts and photo gifts the whole family

Families are always in need of small gift ideas that ease their children's long waiting hours at stations and airports. A lunchbox with photo will in turn keep the kids entertained during the lunch break. And the smaller the kids are, the more they feel attracted by images. A picture of your family pet or favourite animal printed on a lunchbox is a perfect accessoire for bringing to the kindergarten. Moreover, all available articles on our personalised gift shop are manufactured with top quality materials. Thus, all the love you put into your personalised children's gifts  will be still there when they grow up, to bring back their sweetest memories from their childhood. Especially a small concertina fold-book or a photo pocket are an original way to show your kids different parts of the world or to prepare for new life experiences. You can take some pictures of the school or kindergarten where they will be starting soon. In this way, your child will start getting used to the idea of a new environment. Another inspiring idea is to pick distinctive spots from their way to school and get them printed in a small photo pocket. There are few better ways of making them remember the way back home. These personalised photo gifts can be therefore highly pedagogic and will get to be admired over and over. If you thought nothing is enough to impress them, you have surely forgotten to use your own imagination. If it needs to be a personalised travel gift for teenagers, picking a picture of their idols - like football players, heroes from series or favourite singer - is always a good choice. Also grandparents and elderly people will be astonished to see their favourite captions printed on a personalised canvas bag or a classy leather wallet.

Design unforgettable and personalised photo gifts

myphotobook's photo gift ideas have the power of immortalising irrepetible life experiences and meaningful moments. Is your partner or sister rather a homely person? We then suggest checking other article categories from our shop, such photo mugs & plates, sweet Lindt personalised chocolate bars or cosy housewarming gifts.