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Birthday present ideas & personalised childrens photo gifts

Visiting gift stores in your city to search for birthday present ideas can be a real adventure - even more so if your time is running out and wouldn't like to bring the very same birthday gift as some other guests at the birthday party. Even if you don't know the person that well, what if another child turns up with the same birthday present as your? The parents would probably take it with a sense of humour. But just in case, designing personalised childrens gifts by yourself will save you from being classified as a "boring gift maker" (at least until next year). Once the candles have been blown out, gifts have been unwrapped and surprises revealed, it's basically your personal message that stays. For this reason, at myphotobook UK we believe that a gift should always be personalised in some way. Birthday present ideas are indeed different depending on the gift recipient: a gift for a best friend or to a favourite cousin will always be more special than the usual random present. Personalised childrens gifts have the additional value of being entertaining your kids - appart from being nice to look at. They combine the best features of a personalised photo gift and traditional table games and will therefore engage the whole family in a highly creative activity, as well as connecting them with sweet memories.  It is indeed unusual to find a present that combines the power of your own memories with a fun touch.

Personalised childrens gifts for boys & girls

Within a few minutes and just the help of our online design tool, you will be able to design personalised childrens gifts and birthday presents, as for example: As a perfect mix of your own pictures and toys and games, our birthday present ideas help you send all your love to that very special person. Whether as a present for your daughter's birthday, as a first-day-at-school gift, as a Valentine's gift for your boyfriend, a personalised gift will be the vehicle of your best wishes.

Unusual gifts for children and families

Photo puzzles

Design your own photo puzzle and set a different level of difficulty depending on the person who makes it. Photo puzzles that display many different colours are generally speaking easier to make than a rather monochrome puzzle. If you want to pset a real challenge for the person,  create a photo puzzle and select a picture of the sky (since the fine colour nuances will make it more difficult to distinguish the pieces). In contrast, a picture of the whole family will be pretty easy to put together. In this way, myphotobook's photo puzzles will make highly artistic personalised childrens gifts and create a playful mood at home. For more romantic occasions (a wedding proposal, Valentine's Day or wedding anniversary), choose a heart-shaped puzzle. Show your partner how much your care: select a photo of your next travel destination, the car of your dreams or your pet. Also for people moving into a new house, photo puzzles make popular housewarming gifts.

Personalised snow globes

There is a special kind of magic in snow globes, which children find simply hypnotising. Enchanting snowflakes and a picture of someone or some place they know wel make a nice Christmas or birthday present idea for the youngest ones of the family.

Personalised bookmarks

If your kids like to read, there is hardly any better way of encouraging them than a personalised bookmark. A combination of your own photos, phrases and pre-designed patterns help you find the exact combination for that special person.

Photo pockets

Photo pockets are a baby version of the classic photo book. They consist of a collection of photographic cards that are suitable to decorate your living-room table or to be kept in the car as personalised travel gifts.

Cosy Christmas gift ideas and birthday presents

Christmas is a time for family, for kindness and human warmth! Whereas children are treated with dozens of presents, adults like to offer small personalised gifts that carry some special meaning. Our Christmas gift ideas will help you create that homely and warm atmosphere you want to have at Christmas. Under the Christmas tree, a collection of customised gifts will be waiting to be unpacked and bring joy to your loved ones.  A photo puzzle, bookmarks, personalised snow globes or photo pockets allow you to travel back in time, remember the year highlights and say "happy Christmas" in many different ways. In the middle of the Christmas excitement, personalised photo gifts offer you the chance to stop and think about a whole year's experiences. In case you have a big family with many cousins, aunts and uncles, customising the article to address a different person saves you time and work looking for presents for everyone. Furthermore, personalised childrens gifts are great to spend time playing with your kids during the coldest days of the year. Last but not least, ordering comfortably online saves you from going to the shops and queueing up at the counter. Once you are finished designing your present, you only need to add the payment details and myphotobook will deliver your articles at the specified address. Since during the Christmas season our number of orders increases significantly, we recommend placing your order in advance, so as to avoid any possible delays.

Personalised photo gifts serve a wide range of ocassions

The fact that they are so versatile make these personalised photo gifts suitable for :
  • a wedding anniversary
  • engagement gifts
  • christening gifts
  • Valentine's Day gifts
  • birthday gifts
  • Christmas gifts
  • Mother's Day gifts
You don't even need to wait for a special occasion to make a present of a personalised gift. In a way, every day of the year is a gift, for which you want to be thankful. Regardless of our situation, we should celebrate the things we have in life and thank the people who are a part of it: our brothers & sisters, sons & daughters, our parents, grandparents, workmates, neighbours, our soulmate and even our pets: all of them deserve to feel valued and appreciated. myphotobook UK helps you transform your shared memories into unique items that can be used in everyday life. By downloading our free software or using the online tool you will be able to design photo mugs & plates, personalised phone cases, personalised chocolate bars & gifts and many more photo gift ideas online.