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Photo mugs, custom plates and personalised dinnerware

Designing your own photo mugs, personalised glasses and custom plates is a great way to create entertaining photo gifts and the same time surprise your dearest ones. Unlike the usual and boring present which you would buy in a shop, personalised dinnerware will get used very often. After all, everybody needs to eat and drink in order to survive. Moreover, since we want your personalised photo gifts to last for as long as possible. many of our custom printed articles - e.g. photo mugs, personalised glasses -  are dishwasher suitable (up to 2000 times) . myphotobook issues a special guarantee for this purpose, although the rest of custom dinnerware articles should be strictly washed by hand. The truth is we would all prefer to spend more time with the people we care about, but everybody has its duties. With personalised photo gifts your presence will accompany that person in its daily routine: make a personalised glass to send your best wishes for the whole day or a photo mug to let them know you think about them. Imagine how happy your parents would be to get a present of a mug with a picture of their grandsons on it. A custom plate will encourage your son or daughter to finish off their meal and get ready for the dessert!

A great selection of custom dinnerware articles & personalised kitchen gifts

Our most popular articles within the dinnerware and kitchen category are:

For questions concerning any of these articles or about making personalised photo gifts online, don't hesitate to contact myphotobook's customer service hotline.

Photo mugs for cheerful coffee breaks and teatime

Photo mugs are the classical personalised photo gift that everyone has seen or made before. You might have seen custom-printed mugs with funny phrase at a friend's house. But, did you know that you can also have your own pictures printed on them? In fact, all you will need is one picture - no matter if it's portrait or landscape oriented - and a few minutes to design your own mug online with myphotobook UK.  Our picture-mugs are made with white ceramic and have a 200 ml capacity. Should you need more space to print a bigger picture, for instance your favourite photo of a beach sunset, we recommend taking a panorama mug instead. It makes a meaningful and personal gift idea for a friend or work colleague who you've already known for some time. If in turn, you are looking for a personalised photo gift that works both for him & her, try designing a two-colour mug. In bicolour photo mugs your picture will be displayed on the outter part, whereas the inside and the handle will be printed in one of the eleven available colours. As you can see, we want to cover all the possible combinations that you can think of. In contrast, magic photo mugs cause a stricking effect: at first glance, they appear in a very neutral dark-grey tone. However, as soon as a hot liquid is poured into them, the printed picture will appear just as in a magic trick! This misterious photo mug is a nice photo gift idea to surprise your soulmate with a love message or a wedding proposal. Wake up every morning with a your favourite on your breakfast mug! To provide a more distinguished appearance, you can make it a metallic photo mug. It makes an ideal personalised photo gift for Christmas and wedding anniversaries. Your picture will be printed on a gold or silver plated ceramic mug. Hint: black and white or sepia images provide an excellent final result in this case.

Design your own mug with myphotobook UK

Personalised photo mugs are therefore available as:

  • standard photo mugs
  • two-colour mugs
  • panoramic photo mugs
  • metallic mugs
  • magic photo mugs

Custom plates turn lunchtime into an enjoyable experience

Melamine custom plates are indeed exciting personalised photo gifts for children that you can order with a matching placemat, a personalised cereal bowl or a breakfast board. Pick a photo of their favourite animals, cartoon heroes or of themselves. In custom print plates, portrait-oriented pictures should have a maximum size of 23 x 30 cm (9 x 11.8"). In contrast, landscape pictures shouldn't exceed 21 x 16.1 cm ( 8.2 x 6.3") measures. Please bear in mind that myphotobook's custom plates shouldn't be put into the microwave. For personalised breakfast boards, note that they are available in two different sizes: 25 x 15 cm (10 x 6 ") and 29,5 x 20,9 cm (11.6 x 2.3").

Personalised glasses to keep away the thirst

myphotobook also holds a variety of personalised gifts for keeping cold drinks. Personalised glasses in different forms and sizes can be decorated with a stunning picture or some phrase. Our online shop's drink glasses are offered with a 200 ml or 400 ml capacity. Personalised whiskey glasses, wheat beer glasses and custom pint glasses can hold either 300 ml or 500 ml. On the other hand, our personalised champagne flutes are a great photo gift idea for him, her and for everyone who has something to celebrate. Offer it as a wedding present for the bride and the groom or simply for a birthday celebration.

More personalised kitchen gifts and personalised photo gifts

Although custom plates and personalised photo mugs are be the most popular custom printed articles of our shop, myphotobook UK has prepared a huge selection of gifts that you can't miss. Personalised fridge magnets, photo aprons help you liven up your kitchen with photos from your fondest moments. Create them online or directly on your computer with our free-download software. Let our predesigned templates and cliparts support your imaginative ideas. Your personalised photo gifts will be delivered at your home in only a few days! If you want to know the expected delivery dates for your photo gift, check the details right under the article name.

Personalised travel gifts for your lunch breaks

Personalised photo gifts aren't only something to keep at home, but also for bringing with you wherever you go. myphotobook offers a great variety of personalised travel gifts and custom printed articles for people who like to travel. Our practical drink bottle is made of light aluminium, it weighs 124 g and can hold up to 600 ml of liquids. Your greatest pictures will be printed onto a white sheet. If you wish, you can add a panoramic picture to the bottle by paying an additional fee. For this, check the panoramic feature in our designing tool. If in turn, you would like to keep your beverages at a certain temperature - either warm or cold - choose our travel mug. Travel mugs are original photo gifts for children who go to school and colleagues. Another interesting personalised gift for children is the lunchbox with photo,. This food-safe box with a double sealing  is a useful one for meal breaks. It is available in blue, red or green. Add an entertaining picture or some funny phrase and your children will enjoy it during their time at school. With myphotobook UK you will always find exciting combinations for your personalised photo gifts.