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Housewarming gifts and new-house presents

Housewarming gifts and personalised house gifts have become increasingly important in the age of big furniture stores, in which most houses and appartments have a similar and uniform decoration. After all, human beings have the same basic needs and no one wants to miss out on the best deals to decorate their house. However, people who like to take photographs have it easier when it comes to decorating their house in an original and unusual way.  Indeed, myphotobook UK  has prepared a wide selection of personalised housewarming gifts and photo gifts to make your best home decor ideas come true. The only thing you need to design your personalised gifts with myphotobook UK is one nice and powerful picture. As a result, transforming your most imaginative ideas into original housewarming gifts will become an effortless online process. Get started now: design classy accessories and customised articles for your living-room using your own computer! Personalised housewarming gifts for him, her or for Mother's Day . DIY photo gifts are always a good choice for decorating a new house. You can make many personalised photo gifts that can be used as home décor. In this way, you will keep your fondest memories always near you.

Personalised photo gifts that stimulate your creativity

Are you ready to get inspired for the next Christmas party, birthday, child birth or anniversary? Would you like to know how to make your own gifts and see how the other person likes it? Then discover myphotobook's top selection of creative home decor ideas, housewarming gifts and personalised photo gifts that you can make with your own pictures. No  designing experience is required for it.  Our intuitive online design tool helps you create a personalised photo gift which you can order online. Give wings to your imagination.

Unique housewarming gift ideas for him & her

Say you have been invited to a housewarming party, but you wouldn't like to bring the usual pair of socks or a perfume with you. If you've already asked yourself this question a couple of times before, it is the right time to start making your own presents and original house accessories. In fact, we are all happy to receive a present with a personal touch, which shows the other person has spent time thinking about you, instead of a simple gift exchange. After all, a personal touch is a must for a new house gift. And the best way to convey this touch is creating a personalised photo gift. Thanks to our smartphones, we all carry a camera with us every day and many chances of capturing some brilliant snaps, which can be subsequently transformed into personalised gifts with only a few clicks. myphotobook shows you how easy it is to make your own home décor in a great variety of different shapes. These gifts vary from the most impressive decorations to practical everyday objects. In addition, you can enjoy myphotobook's top printing quality, a fast execution and a friendly customer service hotline, who will be pleased to help you out.

Design your own housewarming presents: personalised snow globes and more

  • Personalised snow globe:  Do you remember being fascinated by a snowglobe when you were a child?  By shaking it, a magic miniature landscape or small figures became a romantic and shiny winter world. myphotobook lets you create a personalised snow globe in a moment. All you need is one picture and you will be able to create one or several unique gifts for Christmas. The power of these original personalised gifts is that both your grandparents and children will be charmed by them.
  • Acrylic glass vase: Isn't Mum always happy to get a personalised gift for Mother's Day? Our personalised acrylic glass vase combines the beauty of a flower vase with a personalised acrylic frame. Paste a picture of your Mum and you, of your family. Make your brightest photo gift ideas for Mother's Day come true in a DIY gift online.

The cosiest photo gifts are for your sofa: personalised cushions

  • Photo cushion:Have you thought of choosing a brand new decoration for your new house? If yes, a photo cushion makes an original housewarming gift.  You can offer it as a gift to your best friend and add a picture of just the two of you if she has decided to move to another city for a new work or to continue studying. If can also be offered to friends you have just moved into a new appartment.   Do you have original home decor ideas? Then start designing your photo cushion online!
  • Cuddle cushion: Feeling homesick is a nuisance, especially if you are staying far away from your partner. Have thought of taking your loved ones with you in the shape of a soft cuddle cushion? With just a few clicks you will be able to design your cuddle cushion using myphotobook's software. This cushion makes an ideal personalised photo gift for you mother or girlfriend.

Photo gifts will make your dinner time more enjoyable: design personalised dinnerware

Say goodbye to boring meals and breakfasts. Our personalised housewarming gifts for the kitchen include;:
  • Cereal bowl: A personalised cereal bowl is the perfect present for your healthiest friends. A personalised cereal bowl will help them start the day with a positive feeling.
  • Personalised plates: People who like to give original presents to their friends will find personalised melamine plates extremely practical for picknicks and BBQs. All you need is a nice a picture and Internet access. In this way, you can design personalised plates with pictures of your children and friends. Making your personalised photo gifts is easy-peasy!
  • Personalised children platesJust observe how they enjoy the experience of eating while the see a printed picture on the plate surface.
  • Placemats: Personalised placemats are indeed unique photo gifts. They're original, practical and are highly suitable as a present for your friends, parents or as a wedding gift.
  • Breakfast boardInstead of starting the day moaning because you have to go to work, buy yourself a personalised breakfast board. Just think of the delightment when you and your children wake up in the morning and get to see a picture of last summer holiday printed on the breakfast. myphotobook's personalised photo gifts are suitable for man's best friends - dogs & cats, since you can design your own feeding bowls with pictures. After all, your pets also deserve to be looked after!

New house gifts, DIY home décor and housewarming gifts:

Personalised photo gifts bring variety into your home wall decor:
    • Photo clock (round or square): time continues to run. We are often stressed, in a hurry or would just like to have more time for ourselves. Although a photo clock cannot stop time for us, your own personalised time display will arouse positive feelings/ a smile on your face, bring back nice memories or simply help you to be aware of the clock. Offer a photo clock as a Christmas gift or as a housewarming gift.
    • Personalised fridge magnets: Personalised fridge magnets decorate kitchens around the world. You probably have personalised magnets as souvenirs from many trips, but have you thought oft making one with your friends', parents' or girlfriend's photo?  Make your mum happy with a present of a personalised fridge magnet for Mother's Day.
    • Magnetic board: Magnetic board: Can you still remember the old metal advertising signs ? myphotobook UK allows you to make similar personalised magnetic boards with your own pictures. Get started now and design them as personalised housewarming gifts for your friends, parents or new neighbours!
    • Personalised tin boxFor your pennies, entry tickets, office supplies, love messages or as a jewelry box, a personalised tin box personalised tin box can be very useful at any stage. Once it has been customised with your own design and pictures, this practical object will become an original personalised photo gift.

More photo gift ideas - doormats and lanterns

If you are still looking for original personalised wall décor and ways to decorate a new house, read our three last recommendations: designing personalised doormats can be a great way of finding the right housewarming gift for your friends. Or how about making a photo lantern for your Dad's 60th birthday? Or is it meant to be a gift for a unique and memorable occasion? We then recommend creating a personalised slate sign. Regardless of what type of photo gift you pick, myphotobook UK simplifies the process with its online design tool. For further personalised housewarming gifts have a look at our photo mugs & personalised plates and personalised toys.