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Personalised photo gifts: 1001 photo gift ideas

Creating personalised photo gifts online is a never ending source of creative ideas, since the integrated designs and themes aren't set by someone else, but are really based on the photos you choose for them. But then, why would someone prefer to design a photo gift instead of simply buying it? Well, first of all personalised photo gifts are a way of staying personal and original, as well as showing that you have actually spent some time figuring out what present to buy. Second, all your photo gift ideas can be personalised depending on the occasion and the person who receives them. Last but not least, it envolves a simple and fast process, in which pictures are uploaded online and an intuitive tool helps you customise your photo gifts to fit different styles and tastes. Personalised gifts with photos and custom-printed presents work just as well for Christmas as for birthday celebrations, Saint Valentine’s or the Mother’s Day. They will make a good gift for any special occasion in which you need to bring some small present with you. As we are constantly expanding our gift selection, it would be difficult for us to say if we have exactly 1001 personalised photo gifts, but you can be sure to find enough original photo gift ideas for any occasion and season. We hope this makes it easy for you to find the photo gift you are looking for.

Some good reasons for creating  personalised photo gifts

  • a personalised photo gift cannot be bought anywhere else;
  • it is an irreplaceable gift (unless you decide to make more copies of it;
  • it allows you to share past events that you have already experienced with someone;
  • only you know how to make it -  you become the photographer and designer!
  • all photo gift ideas can be personalised in greater detail, to convey a more intimate message.

Personalised photo gifts for him & her

A smart personalised whisky glass for Dad, entertaining photo cushions for Granny with a nice picture of her grandchildren or photo mugs for the youngest to enjoy at the table make ideal photo gift ideas. Personalised door mats  as a housewarming gifts, personalised snow globes for a Christmas present or personalised bookmarks for friends who like to read are only a few examples of the many personalised gifts with photo that can be designed on myphotobook UK.

How to order personalised photo gifts, photo mugs & personalised keyrings

As you only need one image to create your personalised photo gifts, placing an order is really simple and fast. Short as the process may be, the final result remains highly professional and personal. You are likely to spend more time deciding what gift idea to put it in to place than actually designing it.  Simply select your product, upload a nice picture to myphotobook online designer and complete your order online. myphotobook will make the best of out your photo gift ideas. A few days later you will have your presents delivered at your doorstep or shipped to the person who it is meant for. So little work for so much joy! Get started: make your own photo gifts with myphotobook UK!

 What type of personalised photo gifts can I find at myphotobook UK?

Choose from a variety of customised cushions, smart-size keyrings, colourful phone cases, photo mugs and many more personalised photo gifts. To help you you find a gift idea, we have organised our articles depending on the occasion. Going through our different categories you’ll be able to pick a present that fits its purpose: personalised dinnerware, home accessories, school & academic, corporate & office gifts, smartphones & laptops, travel gift ideas and photo games.

Personalised mugs & plates  - Eat & drink gifts

myphotobook’s best selling kitchen articles are by far photo mugs in different shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, photo mugs are only a part of a broad selection of personalised photo gifts which also includes drinking glasses, bottles, lunch boxes, breakfast bowls or chopping boards. You’re very likely to find exactly what you want within our online catalogue.

Suggestions for your personalised home decor

It goes without saying that our most comfortable gift articles are our photo cushions and pillows. Printing your favourite photo on them will transform them into a classy home accessoire. myphotobook UK allows you to decorate other house rooms with original photo gifts, as e.g. a doormat with photo or a glamorous acrylic glass vase.

Unique presents for school, University and office gifts

Working and studying hours should be made as nice as possible. Order personalised photo gifts to cheer up your everyday life. myphotobook personalised iPad cases, lunch boxes with photo and our best selling mousepads allow you to stay connected with your loved ones while they are at school, college or at work.

Photo gift ideas for people who travel

For travelling purposes there are many photo gift ideas and articles that can be easily transported, such as light personalised keyrings, useful canvas bags or car sunblinds to keep the sun coming in. The ideal match for your next holidays or for friends who like to travel. If you like to stay at home, you can buy them too!

Funny personalised gifts & photo games

Table games and photo puzzles are genuinely thrilling photo gift ideas for the whole family. Make them even more appealing by adding your favourite personal photo, instead of just a simple design. For those who are still too young to make jigsaws myphotobook offers nice and soft personalised teddy bears. Think of how nice it will be to cuddle with them once you have designed them.

Lindt personalised chocolate gifts (only during the winter season)

Combining a personal photo with a taste of chocolate makes an ideal and sweet gift idea. Send it as a present for a special occasion or simply because you feel like it that day. Everyone likes to get a box of Lindt truffles or a chocolate bar with a smart photograph. Create moments of happiness with myphotobook's personalised photo gifts & creative ideas.

Find personalised photo gift ideas online 

Now that you know the many advantages of transforming your own photo gifts ideas into personalised articles, pick your photo mug or design a photo cushion and order enough of them for your whole family! Once you get started, you won’t get tired of making them and ordering them online. Appart from gifts, myphotobook UK also allows you to create other custom printed articles, such as photo books, personalised wall art and photo calendars with top photo printing online services!

Cheap personalised photo gifts

Ordering a personalised photo gift may sound expensive, but it's not: within our cheapest personalised gifts you can personalised bookmarks for £2.49, chocolate bars for £3.99 and personalised keyrings for £6.99. Photo magnets cost in turn only £7.99. Surprise your loved ones with personalised photo books designed by yourself!

Unsual photo gifts

In case you are preparing a nice surprise for someone or if you want to impress everybody at a party or special occasion - like a wedding or birthday party - we recommend trying out our magic mugs, which change their colour once they have been heated up. Other unusual personalised photo gifts are keyrings, mousepads, personalised iPhone cases, car sunblinds, snow globes and feeding bowls for dogs & cats.

Personalised gifts for children

Imagine your children's faces when they get to see a picture of themselves on a lunchbox, a plate or on a teddy bear! Personalised photo gifts can help them concentrate on their daily tasks and show them how to look after their own belongings. Do you still some more tips for designing a personalised gift? If yes, our customer service is will be happy to answer all questions and assess you over the phone, by e-mail or chat!