Images in Gallery Quality

Present your images as Alu Dibonds - as beautifully as in a gallery. We expose your motif on genuine photographic paper, which is applied to a light but stabile, high-quality Aluminium Dibond® plate. A high-gloss protective foil protects your work of art from UV radiation and allows for easy cleaning. Alternatively, you can enhance your photo with a Plexiglas® panel, which imparts a special depth and radiant colors to your image: simply delightful.

Exposed on genuine photographic paper from Fujicolor

Why are Alu Dibonds from myphotobook so high-quality? Unlike other suppliers, we don't print your image directly onto the aluminium. First, we expose it on premium photographic paper and only then is it applied to the aluminium.

In the classic photographic development process, we project your image onto the photographic paper (1), triggering a chemical reaction in the light-sensitive coating of the paper. This creates a so-called latent image (2). This image becomes visible as a result of the subsequent development process (3).

This process provides much higher resolution than printing and permits very fine colour gradations. The colour of each individually exposed point can determined. For you, this means a vibrant, high-contrast image with saturated colours and no raster. Colour gradients, particularly on the skin, seem smoother and more even.
1. Exposure process 2. Latent
(invisible) image
3. Developed photo

Light and stable: Premium material Aluminium Dibond®

Dibond® is a composite material made of aluminium and plastic. It is thin and light yet extremely stable. Unlike foam sheets used by many other suppliers, this material exhibits no warping and does not lose its shape, even after years.

Additional protection and gloss with Plexiglas®

You can also have your image protected with a 3 mm thick Plexiglas® panel. The panel is attached to your image with a layer of silicon, giving it additional gloss and depth. Plexiglas® is unbreakable, extremely resistant to weather and age and offers a very high degree of UV protection.


cleanable, weather and age-resistant

Alu Dibond with
Plexiglas® panel
Alu Dibond without
Plexiglas® panel

Complimentary wall bracket with spacers

We want you to enjoy your image as soon as its unpacked. That's why your Alu Dibond from myphotobook comes with a preassembled robust wall bracket and spacers: just unpack it, hang it up, and you're all set. The spacers mean that your photo protrudes a finger’s breadth into the room. It almost seems like it's floating in front of the wall. With many other Alu Dibond suppliers, you have to pay extra for this kit and put it together yourself; with myphotobook, it comes included and preassembled (value: GBP 12.90).That's service!