CD desk calendar

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  • 12 pages (one for each month) and one cover page
  • Start month: January
  • Use a template or make a calendar from scratch

CD desk calendar

A truly original desk calendar. If you enjoy trying out new things and being different, this is something for you: exceptional, classy and practical. The solid transparent case of this CD calendar will attract attention on your office desktop or shelf at home. Not only does it remind you of your schedule, but makes everyone jealous! In this CD desk calendar, the case acts as a support. Inside, your pictures will be printed on twelve monthly pages with a calendar grid and a front cover. Escape your daily routine and dive into your fondest memories of last holidays.

Main features of our personalised calendars:

  • Calendar pages: 12 month pages plus one front page, fully customisable
  • Format: portrait (12.6 x 14.2 cm, 4.9 x 5.6" approx.)
  • Resolution requirements: 929 x 1079 pixels (preferred), 465 x 539 pixels (minimum)
  • Print area: 11.8 x 13.7 cm (4.9 x 5.6")
  • Material: high-quality inkjet printing paper
  • Production: premium digital print technology
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CD desk calendar
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Germany £9.99 2 Days
Ireland £9.99 3 Days
Italy £9.99 3 Days
Luxembourg £9.99 2 Days
Netherlands £9.99 2 Days
Spain £9.99 3 Days
Sweden £9.99 2 Days
Switzerland £29.99 2 Days
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What's a CD calendar?

A CD calendar is an original desk calendar made of one CD case in plastic and 12 monthly pages that can be personalised with text and pictures. When you first see the CD calendar, it looks like the classical CD case which we all know. Instead of a CD, you will see only twelve calendar pages plus one cover page inside it. To install it on a desk, open the case to its full extent, place the heavier side on the table surface and push the lighter part up. In this way, the case becomes a support for the calendar pages, which measure 12.6 x 14.2 cm (almost square). So contrary to what you could expect, in a CD calendar you will find no CD's. Isn't that a crazy idea?

CD calendar printing: how it works

When printing a CD calendar, keep in mind that the month grid will also take up a part of the surface. If you are planning to insert a picture that covers up the whole background, choose a simple one which doesn't interfere with the dates. For example, a plain photo of a landscape will be better than one showing a group of people. You can also play safe by applying one of our CD calendar templates, in which the dates are placed over the pictures.

Unusual & cool calendars (and economic!)

Use the surprise factor produced by this cool CD calendar to prepare an unusual and personalised gift for Valentine's Day, birthdays, weddings or graduations. In case you would like to try out other creative and unusual calendars, check out our triangle desk calendar or postcard calendar. Ordering one of these cool calendars works out extremely economic. But, by ordering several ones, you pay the delivery for only calendar and save money. Moreover, custom templates are a great way to simplify the design tasks.

Make your own desk calendar

A working desk - either at home or at work -  is a very personal space where one spends long hours sitting. For this reason, it needs to have some inspiring elements, as for example, a CD desk calendar. In some random computer folder, you are more than likely to be storing some hidden photographic treasures. Use this unique material to make your own calendar and cheer up your home desk. Also as a present for a work colleague, a CD calendar makes a funny and unexpected surprise.

Luckily, myphotobook's calendar maker simplifies the process of making your own calendar with an easy and intuitive interface. Once you upload the images, a window will be opened, displaying the virtual pages of the desk calendar.  Distribute the photos an drag them onto the corresponding page. Practically speaking, it is possible to add two or more pics on the same page, but due to the small available space, it is not recommended. Instead, you can insert frames, cliparts, pieces of text and experiment with graphic filters to make your own calendar more attractive. Finally, have a last check using the preview function and place the desk calendar in the shopping basket.

As soon as you enter your name, a paying method and a delivery address, your order will be completed and finally confirmed by e-mail. In case you have questions about the ordering process, don't hesitate to contact us over our English speaking line. Your personalised desk calendar will arrive at your address within only a few days!

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