Acrylic Glass Vase

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  • Supporting tube acts as water container
  • Dimensions: 18 x 13 cm (7 x 5.1")
  • 1.6 cm diameter water tube (0.6")

Acrylic Glass Vase

The acrylic glass-laminated photo with test tube is not just an extraordinary head-turner as a photo vase. It can also transform your home as an exquisite place card or picture display featuring your loveliest photo. By the way, it's also ideal as a present!

Main features of our personalised acrylic vase:

  • Size: 18 x13 cm (7 x 5.1") landscape format
  • Specifications: 1.6 cm diameter water tube (0.6")
  • Material: printed photograph, acrylic glass (3 mm) Forex (2mm), test tube
  • Production technique: photo developing (silver halogen method), acrylic mounting
  • Printed area: 13.0 x 18.0 cm (7 x 5.1")
  • Resolution requirements: 1063 x 768 pixels (preferred) 531 x 384 pixels (minimum)
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Acrylic Glass Vase
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A personalised vase of flowers made of acrylic glass

The old flower vase that got refilled with fresh daisies every Sunday when you were a child has evolved and become modernsophisticated and personalised. As a result, a personalised flower vase is an unusual combination of a flower vase and a photo stand made of acrylic glass. The vase is in fact a floral water tube holding 2 to 3 flowers, which is inserted in the photo stand. As for the picture, it is displayed in the form of an acrylic mounted print, offering great visual quality and colour vibrancy. Besides, acrylic mounting is a special printing technique that boosts image contrast and reproduces the picture with a high level of detail. The size of the photo display is approximately the same as a postcard (18 x 13 cm, 7 x 5"). Thus, a personalised vase with flowers is an ideal decorative element for a shelf or a desk to brighten up a room with pleasing images, colours and scents.

Design personalised flower vase for Mother's Day

It's already the 11th of March. Have you forgotten what day it is? It's Mother's Day! Plan your gift in advance and make a present of  a Mother's Day vase. As spring officially starts ten days later, you can fill this personalised flower vase with a different type of flower each week: roses, sunflowers, violets, but also fragrant herbs like peppermint, rosemary or lavender.

Only one nice picture is required to make a personalised photo vase: you may take a smart snap of you and your mum, of her grandchildren or of a sunny spring day. Hint: make sure that the most important areas of the photograph aren't interrupted by the hole at the top right corner of the display, which is reserved for the floral water tube. Check the final result in preview mode inside myphotobook's design tool.

More personalised vase gift ideas & photo gifts

Personalised vases fulfill many different functions. They can be an artistic wedding gift, a memorial vase for an important person who you miss or a romantic present for your beloved. Especially with personalised memorial vases, the fact that the flowers need to be replaced every so often makes you think of the person on the picture.
If it's a present for your partner, it will be easy to find a nice picture of the two of you smiling at some point during the summer holidays. Although a flower vase is a typical spring gift or Easter gift, it can be nicely decorated with conchs and sea shells to give it a summer flair. If you have a talent for painting or dedicate yourself to art professionally, adding a picture of some of your works can deliver stunning results. Generally speaking, in a personalised flower vase you would add one single and meaningful picture. However, inside myphotobook's tool you can upload several ones and make with them a classy photo collage. Otherwise,  create several different photo vases and save money by paying the delivery for only one article.

Finally, a text function for inspirational phrases, as well as visual filters, cliparts and backgrounds multiply the number of creative possibilities and combinations. In case you would like to save a project, remember to create a personal session on our website before you start designing.

Vases and other housewarming gift ideas

myphotobook UK has prepared for you a wide range of housewarming gift ideas that includes many other custom printed articles and photo gifts such as:

  • photo cushions,
  • photo clock with square shape,
  • personalised door mats,
  • personalised snowglobes,
  • photo magnets,
  • acrylic photo stand,
  • personalised placemats.

Whenever a friend is moving into a new house or appartment, you can look in your camera and smartphone for the best captions and create practical and thoughtful housewarming gifts. myphotobook's design tool makes it very easy for you. Use the genuine power of your own pictures and real experiences to thank someone for a loyal and long lasting friendship.