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Create a calendar with your own pictures

Another year has passed and you are looking for an original gift that is also useful. At myphotobook.co.uk, you can design your individual calendar. No more cutting and gluing, as you can just use our software to create your own photo calendar on your computer. There are many advantages in designing your calendar like this. The photos cannot fall out, the calendar is thinner than one with glued-in photos and it looks more professional. Besides that, it is also a very personal keepsake as well, for yourself or someone else.

You can give the same calendar as a present over and over again. Just leave it up to us to print it as often as you would like. You can also use it as a business present and please your customers for Christmas, so your customers will have you in mind all year long. Whether it's for business purposes or a personal present for someone close, the recipient will remember you every month of the year. It's also an ideal present for a birthday or anniversary, because you can choose the starting month of the calendar starts.

Product Details

  • Freely selectable starting month
  • Freely selectable starting year
  • High-quality photo print
  • Solid spiral binding

When will I receive my Calendar?

In 7-8 business days
with Standard shipping